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< Piro >

miho : pieces

"25 days"

Wednesday - May 4, 2005

[Piro] - 23:59:00 - [link here]

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. It's been 25 days since my last rant. I guess we can call that new year's resolution shot and buried. ^^;;

I don't think i've blown all of my resolutions for the year, not yet. One of them was to do three comics per week and I've been doing pretty good on that. The only glitches have been some randomly missed comics, most of which were concentrated around our move. Has the comic been done on time? Well, uh... i'm working on that. The 1am thing is more of a nodal point to focus the pressure required to produce finished comics than the time a comic might actually get finished. ^^;; Anyways, i always err on spending more time on them than i should. Can't help it. People will forget about the fact that a comic was late, but the archives are forever. :)

The dumb thing about ranting is that I always have lots to say and talk about ... but not always the gumption to actually express it, to get it out, down in rant form. I have about a dozen unfinished rants from the past 25 days that ended up going nowhere, being nothing but a random collection of vague ideas that had no focus. Funny... creating comics can be like that too.

I guess i shouldn't be too hard on myself. It's been a difficult month of comics, and it was hard enough getting the comics to come into focus, nevermind rant randomness. That said, maybe i need to try harder and stop worrying about them. They're just rants, after all. :)

One of the weird things about this year is that i have hardly made any trips at all. In fact, i've only done one signing, and that was local (at the Wizzywig store a few weeks ago). My break from travels is just about over, however -- Seraphim and I will be at Anime Central in Rosemont, Illinois Next weekend (May 13-15). I'm not sure what time the Megatokyo panel will be yet (i'll post that information later in the week after i get a chance to look it up) but you will be able to find us at the MegaGear booth in the dealer room. As always , i'll be doing sketches for everyone, and we'll have lots of Megatokyo swag and stuff.

I kinda wish i had something more profound to say for my first 'rant' in 25 days, but this will do for now. I was suprised by the amount of feedback i got on today's comic, and in fact on the past month's worth of comics. Yeah, i've been sucking on the rantage, but at least you all seem to be generally happy with the comics. I appreciate that :)

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"Driving forces"

Monday - May 2, 2005

[Dom] - 12:40:00 - [link here]

Note that in Friday's rant, I never said that I wasn't going to E3--it is rather annoying that I have to drive from San Francisco to LA alone rather than head down with friends, but hey, that's the price I have to pay.

So, no. You can't have my E3 pass.

You'd have to prove that you were Dominic Nguyen anyway, and I didn't actually see any Asian names begging for my pass... which means you'd have a hard time convincing the security folks that yes, you're a Vietnamese writer, ignore the lack of ID and the lack of brown eyes, black hair, and annoying tendency to make dirty jokes out of pretty much anything.

Off to try and go do interesting things to rant about on Wednesday. Oh, and study geography.


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