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< Piro >

piro and seraphim at our booth...

"con recovery"

Tuesday - May 17, 2005

[Piro] - 15:35:00 - [link here]

[still a little behind this week, but i've been posting a bit here and there on my fredart blog - latest blog entry is today (thursday) at around 1pm. I think i need a little widget here that links the latest fredart blog update, to supplement the mt rantage. Ok, back to work on the comic... -- piro]


I suppose there is little getting around the fact that when you take 4 solid days out of my normal schedule, delays are gonna happen, and they did with a vengeance last week. :)

Acen was a good show, and i have a writeup in progress, but... i think i'm going to switch over to working on the comic. I'd like to have that done in some semblance of a reasonable time tonight.

That said, if you took and decent pics of us or of MT related stuffs at the con, please send them to me (or better, links to them :P) The sketch above is as close as i got to the Piro and Seraphim comic i tried to do for friday. It's an amusing image, if nothing else. :P

I did want to toss out a few quick links, as they are related to Acen - as i said, i wasn't able to make it to the webcomics roundtable on saturday, and still need to find out how it went, but i'd like to quickly link two other webcomics that took part in it, just for your casual parusal.

I actually have a Ghost Girl Kimiko t-shirt that i got a year or so ago (i'm not sure how! I don't remember them giving it to me :). It's a nice shirt, actually, i still wear it :P Nice stuff, check it out. And no, this isn't Nanasawa moonlighting in another webcomic... :P (EDIT: okies, nice to see the GGK back up, and moved to new hosting. Heh, sorry about that guys :)

The other link to check to day would be for Paradigm Shift. It's a beautifully drawn comic, and a good read too. Also, I have a lot of respect for a site that has a working Character guide AND Story Synopsis :P

I did not get a chance to meet either Bob or Dirk at Acen, and that bums me out a bit - i was able to get 20 min to wander into the artist alley and that was it on Sunday. Relaxing and visiting other creators is part of the fun of going to cons... or it used to be (sniff) I sneak it in sometimes. :)

Ok, back to work on my pathetic excuse for a webcomic... :)

< Dom >

Ahhhh, AkaMani... the show that takes place mostly in its hero's diseased imagination.

"Energy rationing"

Monday - May 16, 2005

[Dom] - 22:00:00 - [link here]

Looking back on the day, I'm rather shocked at how little I managed to get done. I went to the post office, I got a haircut, and... sat around, mostly.

I'm fairly certain that I'm stockpiling rest in preparation of the Five Days of Hell, which will involve the following:

Wednesday, May 18th: Drive to San Francisco to get interviewed for Jeopardy! Approximate time frame: 2 hours

Immediately following interview, drive straight to friend's house in Tujunga. Approximately a 6-hour drive, depending on traffic.

Thursday, May 19th: get to Staples Center, pick up E3 badge holder. 11:00 meeting with Bandai. 11:30 meeting with Square Enix. 2:30 appointment with Nippon Ichi. 3:00 appointment with the Magic Online people. 4:00 meeting with Atari. Go home, collapse (but not before writing articles about the Xbox 360, PS3 and Revolution).

Friday, May 20th: wander E3 floor to look at EVERYTHING ELSE. Including Namco's katamari, whatever booth has Namco x Capcom, and other things I'm interested in. Go home, write more articles, take friend out to dinner in thanks for crashing at his place.

Saturday, May 21st: Drive back to Berkeley to attend friend's graduation party. Drive home, sleep.

Sunday, May 22nd: Continue sleeping like log. Wake up to shout obscenities at the screen, fall asleep again.

I can definitely see that I'm in hurry up and wait mode... that's not necessarily good. Oh well. Next update will be from LA, be it on Wednesday or Friday!


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