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Strip 758, Volume 5, Page 19


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< Piro >

Sad to say, but Asa-chan totally ownz Primula in Shuffle... :)

"the joys of inventory"

Friday - September 9, 2005

[Piro] - 11:40:00 - [link here]

- Hurricane Katrina Relief Info -

Just a quick note to let you know that the Megagear store will be closed this weekend so that we can do some inventory and upload several new products. We apologize for any inconvenience. On Monday we will re open with several new products, one of which I'm pretty sure a lot of you have been looking forward to :)

In other news, I have some updates i need to make to the Katrina Reief info page. I'll try to make those updates this afternoon :)

PS: Loli indeed. Honestly, there isn't really that much to the Primula story other than the Ruri-like demeanor and her cat fetish, so there really isn't much soul devouring going on (not that i have much left anyway). Truth be told... Asa-chan is the most interesting and endearing girl in Shuffle (she's the green haired one above primula). Loli indeed.

PPS: at least i don't have a disturbing interest in big sweaty grunting men.

< Dom >

Nerine's dad, who likes to do housework, but his wife never lets him.

"Sweaty grunting men"

Friday - September 9, 2005

[Dom] - 15:18:00 - [link here]

Holy cow, Fred made a joke that wasn't at his own expense. Mark it on your calendars, folks, you've witnessed a miracle.

Interestingly, though, our little scuffle has broken out over Shuffle!, a series where pretty much everyone who watches it admits that the female characters are all pretty flat and uninteresting, and that their fathers are much more interesting characters overall.

I mean, you have Kaede, whose existence is defined by "I'm going to act like his wife and love him, and try to forget about how I tried to kill him when he was 10." She cooks, she cleans, she wakes him up in the morning, she pretty much does everything but act interesting. The other two girls, Shia and Rin, also define themselves solely based on the male lead, and while he's a nice enough guy, defining a character by "I love this nice guy and have loved him since I was 8" doesn't actually make them good characters.

And yet, their dads are a (to quote Piro) "F**king hoot"... more than a few times, a dull episode has been saved by the appearance of Rin and Shia's dads, who swoop in, create gutbusting comedy, and leave, because they're just that weird (yet, somehow, believably so).

Go figure.

PS: Don't go too far, Fred... I have far more dirt on you than you'll ever have on me... remember, blackmail only works on those who have shame. :)


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