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"Boo Booboo"

Monday - September 12, 2005

[Piro] - 18:02:00 - [link here]

First the good news. The Megagear store is now open. Please head on over and check out some of the new gear, including the new Ping Beta Tester t-shirt, the Cave of Evil logo t-shirt, our new B4k4 hoodie, six new sticker designs, a Megatokyo wrist band our new Click Wisely mousepad. Seraphim and I had a lot of fun pulling all of this together, and we hope you like the new items.

Now the bad news. There is one item that we could not put up today... If you attended Otakon or had read news of my announcements there, you probably knew about the Boo plushie that we've been working on. Today was the big day our shipment of Boos was to arrive, and we were very much looking forward to it .

Unfortunately, after the shipment came and we opened the boxes we discovered to our dismay that there were serious problems with the finished product. The manufacturing errors are serious, and we do not feel that we could offer these to our customers. They do not in any way meet our quality expectations, based on the prototypes and samples we had seen, and as such we will not be selling them.

We are working with the manufacturer to find out what went wrong, and to get the order redone properly and as soon as possible. Hopefully we can manage to get the manufacturing problems worked out and have boo in our store before Christmas. The prototype and subsequent production samples looked great, and i was very happy with the way things were looking, which is part of why i am so disappointed. Lets hope that the manufacturer can make them the way they should be - we won't sell you anything less.

If you were looking forward to picking up your very own boo plushie, we apologize for not being able to offer them to you at this time. No one is more disappointed about this than Sarah and I are,
but we not about to loose a bunch of defective boos into the world. The poor guy has enough problems as it is :)

< Dom >


"Sweaty Grunting Men II"

Monday - September 12, 2005

[Dom] - 10:30:00 - [link here]

It's fall, and that can only mean one thing: My weekends are full until football season's over. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's fascinating what football does to me. While baseball appeals to my stat geekery and love of minutiae, football joins Burnout Revenge as one of the few things that actually awakens my aggressive urge.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Young Alumni section of Memorial Stadium. Given the number of twentysomethings and early thirtysomethings there, lots of people bring their kids, and often I'm left in my doting uncle mode as I play with other people's kids.

And then a big play happens, and I go from something like "Aren't you the cutest little guy!" while bent over a cradle to standing up and shouting my lungs out. And that's not mentioning the part where I turn to my left, where the visiting fans sit, and start shouting obscenities--within reason. When kids of talking age are around, I go from shouting obscenities to making lewd gestures and saying things that aren't necessarily obscene but still demeaning and open to interpretation.

Sidenote: I was talking about this change in personality with my friends last week, and I demonstrated some of the lewd gestures and such for them to illustrate how different I am when I'm watching a game--and unfortunately, I didn't notice that I was doing them into an open window. So a nice family eating at a local restaurant got an eyeful of me pointing at my crotch and shouting "suck iiiiiit". Not one of my more shining moments, no.

But anyway! Football season's starting, my teams are both undefeated (Sole possession of first in the Pac-10 and the NFC West, baby! We'll see how long that one lasts).

And just to close this "I love football" thing, a conversation I had with a friend circa 3 AM Saturday morning.

Nyarlathotep: Dom, why am I reading crossdressing Sasuke fanfic at 3 AM?
Dom: Because I'm reading everything I can about the Golden Bears, and there must be a cosmic balance.
Nyarlathotep: How is that balancing?
Dom: Well, you know, crossdressing ninjers, men in tights and knee pads patting each other on the ass in a strangely straight way.
Nyarlathotep: Straight?
Dom: Well, mostly straight.


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