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< Piro >

a new Pirogoeth color works on Fredart..

"trouble and trips"

Saturday - October 8, 2005

[Piro] - 17:16:00 - [link here]

Ok, i have two news items to touch on today, one of them being something we've been planning for over a month, the other is something completely unexpected.

First the bad stuff. It appears that a major upgrade installed by our shopping cart vendor has unfortunately broken International Shipping. At this time, we are not able take international orders in the MegaGear store, and we are unsure as to when this issue will be resolved. This is a big deal because the holiday season is approaching, and those of you outside of the US have to order things fairly early to ensure you'll have them for Chirstmas. They are working on it, but we are also looking at various other solutions.

The biggest change in the upgrade was a new and revised checkout system. The new system does not seem intuitive to us, so please make sure you pay close attention to the various steps in the new interface. Yay for fixing things that weren't broken. ^^;;

The second news item today is about a little trip Sarah and I will be taking towards the end of this week - Sarah has finished pulling together all of the gift purchases of art and school supplies all of you have made to the Pine Ridge Reservation. It's quite impressive what all of you have enabled her to pull together, and we decided that the best way to get it to them is to fill the van and drive it out there ourselves. Besides, we haven't had any kind of vacation since our honeymoon two years ago.

The trip is kind of like a super long weekend trip - October 13th to October 19th. For the MegaGear store, please be aware that all orders placed after 1pm on Wednesday, October 12th will not be shipped until October 20th. You can place orders while we are away, but we will be unable to respond to email inquires or process orders until we return. Kinda hard to ship things when we aren't even in the state :P

Sarah is working on a rant with all the details, so look for it in the next few days :)

I'm pushing hard to try to NOT miss any comics because of this trip (an attempt thwarted by the shopping cart issues this week) I have a horrible track record with getting ahead, but i'm gonna see if i can beat the odds this time. Story is rolling along too nicely now to have any huge gaps in it. Worst case there will be a DPD or SGD or something in the mix. Wish me luck :)

< Dom >

Seven minutes.  Dean, you can suck it.  And Harold and Kumar was a great movie.

"Number crunched"

Monday - October 24, 2005

[Dom] - 14:00:00 - [link here]

Let's set the scene. It's Friday at Cliff Hicks' place, where he's throwing a farewell bash for Ian McConville after Ian's brief stay in California. There has been drunken revelry, there is a man in the bathroom vomiting his guts out partially because of said drunken revelry, and there has been much Halo, various MMORPGs, and much bitching about various RPGs. Greg Dean has tried to eat his wife's chihuahua, which I'm told is rather common.

Three AM, and we're starting to quiet down. Greg and I have already traded our traditional insults over the other's movie tastes, this time over Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I've already discussed why I play City of Heroes (and soon City of Villains) instead of World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XI. So it's just us sitting around and talking about life, when I see Greg Dean parked at a computer, staring intently at the screen, mumbling and seeming almost mesmerized.

This is the point where, were I a fan of horror movies, I would know to run screaming instead of investigate the mysterious contents of the screen.

But no, I'm me, and I come up behind Greg to ask "What're you doing?"

He replies, "I'm doing Sudoku."

I'd heard of Sudoku before, since it's been popping up in almost every paper worth reading, replacing useless word games, but I'd never gotten around to doing it. So, naturally, I watch him doing it, and I start pointing out things to him, and it turns into a minor party activity as we do a mathematical crossword puzzle together, pointing out the obvious 4 AM errors. I also start doing it because Greg leaves the chair and says "my best time is around twelve minutes," giving me not only an outlet for my OCD, but also a chance to one-up the Dean, which I never let pass. (Note to Dean: Seven minutes. Suck it.)

I finally get up the energy to drive home, and when I get there, what do I do? Play Sudoku until 7 AM, before stumbling over to my couch and falling asleep.

I suppose it was inevitable that I got into Sudoku, though. I mean, Freecell had started losing my attention, so I was looking for another way to suck up my time. And Sudoku, well, why not? It's not like there aren't another few billion games to play, it's never unbeatable like Freecell can be in rare cases, and it appeals to the numbers man hiding in my writer self.

But that doesn't mean I can't lament my lost free time.

Number of Sudoku puzzles finished during this rant: 8


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