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Strip 782, Volume 5, Page 40


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"error counting"

Sunday - November 6, 2005

[Piro] - 12:50:00 - [link here]

Well, i think Chapter 7 is moving along fairly ok. There are the usual bumps, potholes and washed out roads that i always seem to have to deal with in the production of these comics, and only time will tell if chapter 7 is on par with how chapter 6 turned out, or leans more towards the kinda dog chapter 5 was :) But that's neither here nor there, it was a series of errors and goofs of another problem that plagued this chapter, one that i finally got around to fixing today... numbering.

Most of you probably didn't notice, but the episode numbering (the smaller number, for example "chapter 7, episode 14" number, the one i denote as 07:14 on the comics) has been completely out of whack since comic 762. This whackage was further made worse by my first attempts to get the numbering correct back in step a few weeks ago. It's embarrassing, it's kind of like i can't count to 30 or something :)

Anyways, i went in and checked, verified and changed the comic numberings on comics 772, 773, 777, 779, 780 and 781, so if you end up going back to look for a particular comic, the numbering should reflect reality. No, i didn't change anything else on these comics, so it's not really worth going back and looking, but i figured i should let you all know that yes, when i concentrate really hard, i am capable of counting. :)

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Wednesday - October 26, 2005

[Dom] - 17:17:17 - [link here]

From: Andrew Huang (xxxx)
Subject: Re: KOTOKO

By the way, there's a brief image of you interviewing [KOTOKO] on their latest promo video, which focuses on the AX concert.

From: Cyxx
Subject: Fogo de Chao?

My treat

Happy birthday to me, indeed.


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