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"A Bad Day"

Tuesday - November 8, 2005

[Piro] - 20:25:00 - [link here]

When i had trouble getting up Monday morning, i should have realized that my physical coil was desperately trying to tell me something. It could see what was coming, where my unobservant brain could not. It was going to be A Bad Day (TM).

It was a day where not one thing went wrong, but just about everything went wrong. It was one of those days where after a while when a new thing went plooie, it made me laugh. Each new disaster would give me a chuckle. It was a day where by the end of it, my stomach demanded Comfort Food, and even that tried to kill me (I almost choked on it).

I had debated telling the tale, as a kind of cathartic exercise to maybe promote healing, but... no, I can't bring myself to do it. The experience of it is still too close, too recent, and i need to think about positive things...

(... like the new Magical Girl Sasami-chan anime. That counts as a positive thing, right? Is it wrong that i really liked the Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sasami TV? I liked Misao, she always made me happy, even if she was a warui shoujou... i wonder if she's show up in the new series...)

Ok, I feel a little better now.

Well, the DSL here at the office is working again, which means that we were finally able to process and ship orders today. We apologize for the delay caused by this glitch, we had to scramble to could today to get everything out, but we managed it :)

We're almost ready to launch the new store, but there are a number of things i have GOT to get done before we can launch, and i have to get them done today. I'm going to take a cue from the fact that monday's comic didn't really go up till tuesday, and do the same thing with Wednesday's comic -- put it up on Thursday. Not sure if i will go for a comic on Friday too, it all depends on how smooth the transition is for the new store.

See, the MegaGear store is what supports this site, and in the crippled condition the current store is in... it's just not good. I feel very good about the new store -- the software is solid, it has a new look and feel that both Seraphim and I are much happier about, and frankly, i just want to get things moved over as soon as possible. This is our third store, and here's hoping that third time's a charm. :)

If all goes well, it should be up and the transition made within the next few days. Thanks for your patience and your support, and hopefully this time i can put the effort spent constantly building new stores into things like, products. Yeah. :P

< Dom >

Equal rights for ninjas!  Down with pirates!

"Oh yeah, huh"

Friday - November 11, 2005

[Dom] - 11:00:00 - [link here]

[10:33] piro: hey, new rant
[10:34] piro: you are starting to look like me
[10:34] piro: :P


I've been pretty busy since my birthday a few weeks ago, what with some freelance writing, a new Nintendo DS, friends exhorting me to participate in National Novel Writing Month, City of Villains and a few other projects that have me hitting the books. I guess I'll cover a few of these subjects as I go, and then get back into a more normal schedule.

City of Villains
As you might guess from the screenshot above, this is my current obsession, along with my Nintendo DS. They have replaced Sudoku entirely, though I still do the occasional puzzle, especially since Leon gave me a book of them for my birthday.

But anyway, I've made level 20 with my Mastermind already, since it's far too fun to order ninjas to do my evil bidding. It's taken the City of (X) combat system, which I still find fun, and changed it so that it's more of a strategy game than an action game. I have to order retreats now, prioritize targets, keep formation... it's a refreshing change from my other characters, though if I want the normal City of Heroes "jump in, beat things up" experience, I still have that option.

If you're wondering, I'm on the Justice server, and am in the MoE supergroup (yes, the acronym is intentional. No, I won't tell you what it stands for, otherwise my poor SGmates will get bothered far too often).

Nintendo DS
My attachment to my Nintendo DS is so strong, my good bud Cliff Hicks felt compelled to mention it in his column for GameSpot, which should tell you all you need to know about how often I fire that sucker up.

The only games I own are Advance Wars DS and Puyo Puyo, but I've sunk in a good 60 hours into Advance Wars in the past couple weeks, with no signs of slowing down significantly. I have plans to get more games as time goes on, naturally, and am going to have great fun when one of my previous obsessions, Animal Crossing, returns to suck up my time like some sort of freakish vacuum/sponge hybrid (why has no one invented that yet?). DS good. Games good.

With several of my friends trying to hit the goals for National Novel Writing Month, I decided to start writing down an idea for a novel I've had since college.

Of course, all the notes I had for that novel were on my old desktop, which died when I moved last, so I had to get that sucker fixed. So now, I have a gaming laptop and a pedestrian desktop, and a few thousand words written. It's good to write for myself again, without reviewing or previewing a video game/DVD/book. So I don't really care if NaNoWriMo ends with me not having met the word goal, I'm feeling good.

And that's all I have to say for now--I'll be back on Monday, now that I remember that I should update this thing.


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