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< Piro >

"nothing amazing, just the norm."

Wednesday - August 30, 2000

[Piro] - 02:20:00 - [link here]

I've been and continue to be influenced by a pretty wide range of 'stuff' - old and new, anime, game, manga and all sorts of other pop culture things, both in the US and Japan. One of my favorite animes right now is FLCL (or "Furi Kuri"), a new OAV series (OAV: Original Animation Video - a term for anime that is marketed directly to consumers, not thru TV or via Movie Theaters) by the celebrated studios of Gainax. Gainax, of course, are the same people who gave us Evangelion (I will never ever forgive them for what they did to Asuka. Never. Her treatment in Eva is totally uncalled for, and it still upsets me to no end - but i digress)

Furi Kuri is... well, it's kind of hard to explain. Gainax is one of those studios that, due to its history of having be started by maniac otakus in the first place, takes a lot of chances and has not qualms about messing with fan's minds. Their work on Kareshi Kanajo no Jijo was a 180 degree turn from eva (a girl's manga story, love, romance, pain, you get the idea - ) - FLCL is like this really weird-ass combination of KareKano (KareKano is the nickname for the series) and Evangelion - some people love it, some hate it. I love it. It has this really quirky nature that appeals to me for some reason (but then I'm kinda off-kilter to start with).

I've taken a real fancy to Ninamori Eri (lesson: Japanese first names usually come second - so Ninamori is her last name. Eri is her first.) - while she doesn't really seem to have much of a part till episode 3 - there's something about her character design and manner that is interesting. I did a drawing of Ninamori and Kanchi (the oddball robot that comes outa Naota's head) that actually came out pretty good.

< Largo >

present day... present time...

"megatokyo experiments."

Wednesday - August 30, 2000

[Largo] - 23:01:00 - [link here]

First off, I wanna give credit to David Lynch for emailing me some php code that I was able to use to help get the navigation engine in place today, this guy saved me days of work messing with the code and for that, I am indebted.

Next.. Break out the gin! We've been getting record hits all this week! Piro and I have been really floored by the respons e this little site has gotten from everyone, it makes all the long hard hours and sweatshop environment I force Piro to work in seem worth it. With this in mind I guess its time for us to party, and since a party is no fun by yourself, I want to direct everyone's attention to two very sweet webcomics that not only linked us; but happen to be sites I visit on a regular basis, Real Life Comics and Exploitation Now(mature content).

This week I've been getting a lot of emails asking me what types of animation I like to watch. It isn't the first question I thought I'd be asked, but what the hell eh? The answer to that question is a bit tricky, as it has evolved over the years as I find I end up liking less and less of what comes out, I suppose it's just natural to lose interest when you have be en watching this stuff as long as I have. However selective, or "picky" as Piro likes to say I am, I do see a few jewels i n the rough every year. Lately I've been really impressed with Great Teacher Onizuka and Initial D, but if I were only able to suggest a single anime to watch, it would be Serial Experiments Lain. I suppose it helps that I'm suggesting people see Lain over the othershows considering Onizuka and Initial D have not been released in North America yet. Anyways, Serial Experiments is a grea t show, especially for you network engineers out there, it has a certain charm that becomes apparent towards the end that w ill have you wanting to watch it all over again.

Hrm... Lain and gin... they mix well!


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