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what are you looking at?

"valentines day!"

Wednesday - February 14, 2001

[Seraphim] - 02:03:00 - [link here]

Seraphim here. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all you lucky lovers are enjoying your bears and tee shirts. I love mine. I'd wear my tee to the office but it is an obsessively PC environment and I would probably be sent home.

Largo has obviously be hit by the Valentine Day bug. Hhe and I were chatting yesterday when he happened to mention he likes females who are verticaly challenged (short). Isn't that how it always is? The 6' tall guy with the 5' girlfriend. Let me tell you - nothing ticks off a tall girl more that a tall guy with a short girl. I'm sure short men don't care for the petite woman pool being raided anymore than tall girls dislike the declining tall man selection. With that great of a disparity you could use the little person's head for a drink rest. A beer rest in Largo's case. I would have to date someone almost 7 feet tall to be considered "short" by him. That doesn't appeal to me anyways - I have the most perfect Valentine already.

Piro and I were lucky enough several years ago to attend the "Angels From the Vatican" exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. As a Catholic, it was almost like a pilgrimage to see items from the Vatican's museum. They exhibited paintings, relics, textiles, and statuary. My personal favorite was a section of an elaborate German carved wood altar. It was a group of angels in a celestial jam session. For a pipe organ and harps they looked like they were really rocking. It reminded me of the elaborate altars I saw while living in Germany. There were no folding chairs of the modern day Newman Centers on college campuses in America. It was all uncomfortable pews and baroque/rococo architecture. At one concert I attended, the church even had a gilded skeleton of a Saint in a glass casket.

In all fairness to American Catholicism, at Easter I will relate the tale of the priest from my childhood staging a reenactment of the Crucifixion on Good Friday right in the aisle. It may have been a modern church but that was enough to put the fear of God in to you.

I must say, I don't approve of the Kitty Bonsai pictures. There is nothing funny about pictures of abusing a cat. Now Puppy Bonsai would be hilarious. Obviously, I am a cat person. Honestly, I love all pets and if the time is right for you - you should consider adopting a pet from a local animal shelter. Our cats have brought us joy and laughter everyday since we rescued them. I wish Piro had gotten a picture of Hime when she got her head stuck in a hole in a box. Good times.

If you can't provide a loving home right now consider a monetary donation that will support spaying or neutering. Very few shelters are truly no kill and millions of animals are euthanized every year.

While we are all in such a loving mood be sure to consider donating blood. I have an appointment Thursday to donate and to join the National Bone Marrow Registry. One pint of blood will save three lives. So go give your sweetie a kiss and be thankful you are all happy and healthy and able to give such a generous gift.

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you're already here.

"the 'work' thing"

Sunday - February 11, 2001

[Largo] - 02:30:00 - [link here]

Damn you Westwood. You, off my planet!

This weekend I went by my local games pusher and grabbed some sweet looking titles, namely Bungie's Oni and Westwood's Red Alert 2. While Oni was cool and all, I really didn't get a chance to get into all the punch throwing and bullet heavy action as I planned. No, Instead a friend called me and demanded I do the "Online" thing with him.

So anyways, I load up Red Alert 2, and twenty hours later - Here I am.

I really don't have a good review for this game, or even a screenshot, It's not exactly 'zero-day warez' anymore, so I think everything that can be said about it, has been said. Just know I think it's a great sucker of time, not quite a Ever-crack - but for the weekend it had me re-living my StarCraft days. Oh.. Blizzard, where are you now?

Unless you live under a rock like Detroit, you should of seen that Penny-Arcade is back online and making with 'the funny' again. Now I think about it, I need to order a PAWang shirt soon.

I've also picked up Phantasy Star Online, like everyone else in the freaking country. I think Tycho was right in his rant about the size of one's mag. I've determined girl gamers dig mags, and if you don't have a big mag, you are SOL.

Tomorrow I start some new job thing, should be fun, or not. Though I've yet to find a ideal job, one where I get to dispatch the undead my crossbow.

Speaking of which, there hasn't been any new 'destroy the undead' games lately, I can't get my undead-bashing on if there aren't new games for which I can bash them in. Personally, I think we need a new Claire Redfield game, all Claire - all the time.

I'm keeping it short tonight, I need to be up early in the morning and do the 'work' thing. So like, later.


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