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< Seraphim >

no, that's mine...

"pop tarts"

Wednesday - March 14, 2001

[Seraphim] - 13:46:00 - [link here]

Before i post yet another of Seraphim's rants, I just wanted to say a big thanks to Seraphim and Dom for filling in for us today. Largo's employers stuffed him in a pet carrier and shipped him off to New York for a few days, and well... i've been working till 10 pm for the past week (that includes the weekend folks) workin on a deadline for next week. But enough of my whining. Seraphim gave me a stern look the other day and matter-of-factly informed me that i was topping out the whine-o-meter, and that i should tone it down a bit. -fred

Heheh. She has the patience of a saint. She has to to deal with me. ^_^

- - - -

Piro is indeed very busy. I haven't seen him but a few hours since I returned from Minnesota. It has been a tough week for him. Work is 12 hours a day plus weekends and when I was gone he was responsible for feeding himself. Piro is not really a hunter/gatherer type. I give him credit for trying. He makes Pop Tarts every morning. Admittedly, the toaster actually has a specific "Pop Tart" setting. It was it's number one selling feature for him. He also embellishes his Toni's pizza's with EXTRA cheese and pepperoni. If I did it for him I could probably be brought up on attempted murder chargers. Murder weapon: cholesterol.

To cheer him up I bought him X-men and Mulan VHS tapes. I was well intentioned but got the "why didn't you rent because we are getting the region free DVD player soon" speech. He seems to forget we have late fees at every video store in a ten mile radius. I never followed X-men but even I thought it was a cohesive story. When is the sequel? Haven't had time to watch Mulan yet, but several Asian friends have complained that the movie doesn't resemble the traditional tale. I just wonder why most American animated movies have to be musicals?

Piro's last rant was a fine example of the sweet nothings he is always whispering to me. Oh Honey, look fresh concrete or let's take a long walk by the construction area. Now if he offered to scribble "Prio luvs Seraphim" in the sidewalk that would be romantic. When I suggest he make a buttock impression in the fresh concrete he always refuses. He is such a Republican stick-in-the-mud. He won't let me do it either.

A few years back Piro and I went to Anime Central in Chicago. I didn't want to be burden so he went off with friends and I wandered around by myself. In the dealer room I was looking at merchandise when two fan boys came up and started talking like big men behind my back. "I'm going to push her outta my way." "If she doesn't leave I'll MAKE her leave." I was surprised. Piro and friends had assured me Anime types were nice. Maybe not the most social but nice. Needless to say, I turned and gave them a withering look and they fled. Rude people really tick me off. Back to my Valentine Day rant - no, doing nice things won't bring you good karma but I'm sick of people being obnoxious, self-centered creatures. Doing something nice won't make your day better but it will make someone else's (possibly mine) that much better. People who are too mean and bitter to let someone merge into traffic should be allowed to leave the house anyways.

Got a ton of mail in reards to my last rant. Reminds me of an old Irish saying in honor of St. Patrick's Day which is this Saturday. "May those who love us, love us. And those who don't, may He turn your ankles, so we may know you by your limping." Amen.

< Dom >

Honou ga... omae wo yondeiru ze.' 'Nara, moetsukiro, isagi yoku na

"dom speaks..."

Wednesday - March 14, 2001

[Dom] - 16:07:00 - [link here]

It looks like today's my day, which is ironic, because it's also White Day over in Japan, and to most of you, the concept of me and love is alien. According to rumor, the only thing I cuddle up with at night is my good ol' Sig P230. Which is wrong, of course, since I don't own any guns--if I curled up with a weapon, it would probably be a nice, comfortable cavalry sabre, a double axe or something similar.

But that's neither here nor there. My purpose today is to talk about MetaMegaTokyo--try saying that ten times fast. I don't know how I got into this whole mess--I was talking to Largo on IRC one day, when he mentioned something about scripts and I felt a sock full of quarters hit the back of my head. When I came to, I found a red pen in my hand and some drunken scribbles in front of me. Not having anything better to do, I fixed 'em up--except episode 3, I confess that was a brain fart on my part--and the rest is history, I suppose.

I've kind of taken Piro's stance on this whole MegaTokyo phenomenon. "Who are all you, and how did Largo get you past the Turing test?" But I've had a harder time denying this whole deal, since I've managed to attract scary fangirls who want to chase me down, tie me up, and dress me in drag. I guess I'm kind of flattered, in a "My God, stay away from me" way... and also amused, since a girl Ed and I know decided that it was unfair that I got all the fangirls, and trained herself how to sparkle at him.

Anyway, the message boards call, so I'm off.


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