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< Piro >

wai for a thoughtful Nayuki in.. er, well, there's snow outside.

"holiday warmth"

Tuesday - December 19, 2006

[Piro] - 15:06:00 - [link here]

First off, i'd like to thank everyone who shopped with us at the MegaGear store this holiday season, Sarah and I have been busy as can be taking care of orders, but its been fun. Your support really does keep MT afloat, and we appreciate your patronage :) Only a few more days left... actually, not many days at all if you want to be able to give the gift of MT stuff for Christmas. For the next few days, If you place your order before 1pm it will get shipped out same day - so 2nd day and overnight deliveries are possible if you are a major gift shopping procrastinator like myself (I haven't really started shopping for gifts yet, i need to get started).

Hint: Copic 36 Piece marker set holiday gift sets make an awesome gift, even for yourself. I was going to try to do a real nice informational rant on how i have been using Copic markers to give some insights into why i like them, but gah, this month has been too crazy. You'll have to trust me, they're pretty awesome (which is why we have them in the store :) Also, make sure you get your 2006 MT Christmas ornaments while you can.

Sorry i've been so quiet for the past month or so, and i am sorry the comic hasn't been getting up on the standard (if never really adhered to) schedule... for the past month this has been mostly due to the fact that Sarah and I work on shipping and stuff during the day, leaving comic production to the evenings and mornings. Generally, i've been drawing at night and finishing up in the morning. As soon as Christmas rush is past, i'll be turning that energy over to doubling up on comic production. My deadlines for Megatokyo Volume 5 are at the end of January, and in order to finish Chapter 8 in time for the book, i have to get ahead. If all goes the way it has to go, you'll have a really nice run of comics going up (gasp) on time because i better damn well be several comics ahead by January. For the record, Megatokyo Volume 5 will be coming out late April, the cover is done (I'll post it sometime soon).

Other than that, Sarah and i have been enjoying the christmas craziness as usual, there is no better thing in life than being able to work closely with your significant other. :) Finally got our christmas tree up (tho there are still tons of things i want to do. ugh) and even though the lack of snow this year (wth??) sucks, I'm enjoying the season anyway.

Speaking of Sad Girls in Snow (note: spoilers. look for the pic of a sleeping Yuuichi, Piro and Makoto half way thru the blog :P), the only indulgence i've been giving myself is watching the Kyoto Animation version of Kanon, which has this wonderful release schedule where it airs on Thursday and i get to watch it some time over the weekend. They are doing a wonderful job with it. It's a subtle series, and i'm sure that i'm loving it more than many other people are, but those people don't typically like what i write anyway. Kanon has been an excellent christmas gift, and i'd like to thank Kyoani for their excellent work.

Oh, one other thing. Remember that news i said i was looking forward to telling you about last month? Ugh. Still waiting for the go ahead to announce it, and it looks like it will be early next month when i do. Sorry for the delay in that, it's not anything HUGE mind you. No, MT will not be made into an anime by Gainax or Kyoto Animation (hey, i can dream, right?) or into a movie starting Hugh Jackman as Largo and Orlando Bloom as Piro (ok, that's not really a dream, that's scary) But it's fun news and i'm looking forward to announcing it. Just giving you an update to quell any suspicions that i was making up excuses at the time. ^^;;

If i dont have a chance to post again till after Christmas, happy holidays everyone! Sarah and i give you our best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!

< Dom >


"I came, I chainsaw..."

Wednesday - December 6, 2006

[Dom] - 13:00:00 - [link here]

I've been chainsawing people in my sleep lately.

This shouldn't be news to those of you who've played Gears of War and have had the same dreams, the ones where you get in perfect position, rev up your bayonet and watch the fireworks.

It's not just Gears of War, though, this holiday crop has been especially rich for jaded old guys like me who thought that they were going to be able to cut down their gaming for a while.

But no, I've spent the last two weeks playing Gears of War coop with anyone who will join me, while gearing up for the World of Warcraft 2.0 patch and now, waiting for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin to arrive on my doorstep.

At the rate I'm going, I think I'm going to clear these games off of my slate right around December 26.

Which is when I fly to Japan.

This could get ugly.


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