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< Piro >

darkly cute...

"my apartment? what apartment?"

Saturday - March 17, 2001

[Piro] - 10:56:00 - [link here]

Last Saturday was pretty depressing. I was facing not only having to work that weekend, but i was well aware of the fact that i had to work late every night all week, and more than likely all of the following weekend. Knowing that my little world would consist of little more than my work area at the office every day for the next week or so was just downright depressing. Not horrifying, mind you (i like my job), but depressing because of what it would take away from all of the other things in my life.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with working hard - a certain level of masochism is required to work in my profession. Actually, working an 8 hr day and then coming home to spend 6 hours drawing up and posting a comic is a pretty good indication that i am not necessarily a 'lazy' person. We've all had to do overtime, had to stay late to finish projects, time after school, etc. It can be a good feeling, actually - you feel like you are accomplishing something (if the reason for the overtime is to complete a task, not just more work on never-ending tasks) I suppose this is why you have to be careful about the tasks you 'add' to your so-called free time.

When i was fresh out of college, working till midnight for a whole week was no big deal at all. I had no girlfriend, i had no pressing activities, i had nothing to do, i had no life. It was a great excuse to wear casual duff to the office and kick around with the radio blaring Front 242 and Robyn Hitchcock tunes. As a matter of fact, i tended to enjoy working late.

These days it's different. I have a nice apartment (i seem to remember what it looks like), a girlfriend, a couple of deviant cats, a fairly successful webcomic, and plenty of little side projects that I am dying to work on. When i work overtime these days, it takes time away from them. With the exception of the cats, they are all understanding, but it is still depressing.

(y'know, i was thinking.... that's why employers like to hire younger folks. They can take advantage of all that extra energy you have that you haven't been able to focus on your own life yet. Kinda sad, really.)

I've been worried about MT. Everyone remembers last month - it was a tough one. I got emails from people stating that it must be nice having to only draw 2 comics a month. ^^;; Then I realize that i'd be holed up till the 20th with other projects... yea, i was worried. I know that 95% of all of you are understanding and supportive - and i appreciate that. But it doesn't change the fact that to ME i feel a certain responsibility to maintain a level of work here. It's a personal thing.

Well, it's Saturday morning again. I know i have to go into work today and tomorrow, in fact, i know that tomorrow night in particular is going to be a long evening. But the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is visible. (and yes, it probably is a train heading towards me) Next week things get back to normal - and I am very much looking forward to it.

Oddly enough, Seraphim is scheduled to take the GRE on the 20th as well. So we are both under the gun until then. I was pretty happy with Friday's comic. It was going to be just another 'dead piro day' strip. When i started drawing, the idea for it fell into place. Largo and I knocked it around, and by the time my computer stopped crashing (i am so sick of this goddamn thing. It is flat-out going to die on me one of these days) Friday's comic was a real honest-to-goodness strip.

With luck, i can pull a strip off for Monday too. Thanks for being patient, thank you for all your emails (1500 and counting). I *really* need to get a 'fan support' section up and running... we'll see how next week goes.

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"dom speaks -- again"

Friday - March 23, 2001

[Dom] - 09:45:00 - [link here]

Next week is Fanime in Santa Clara. And, while I'm lookingforward to the con, Piro's not gonna be there, as I'doriginally hoped. They were going to fly him out as a guest,but, well, the whole thing fell through. Sigh. Oh well, atleast I can kick Ed's ass while I'm there--you'll probably beable to find us in the karaoke room or the DDR machine, our dueling weaponsof choice. Just beware of his Forever Love, it's been known tofell cattle at a hundred yards.

On to the next subject. I want to set people on fire.

Not out of spite, mind you, but for the same reason a dog licksits balls--because it can. I admit that I don't have theinnate ability to set people on fire, since as far as I knowthere're no demons in my ancestry, but not a day goes bywithout at least once thinking "Damn, I want to set that guy onfire." I walk down the street and I find myself looking atpeople's foreheads. I imagine how my palm would fit right overtheir heads, so I could gaze right into their fear-widened eyesas they realize what's happening.

Ed knows what this feeling is like. Often, when we're sittingdown playing a video game when I notice his hand fly off theD-pad and go straight for my temples. And I think "It's justnot fair. Why can't we set people on fire?" They'd toastnicely before they hit the ground and rolled out the fire...

Disclaimer: I do not, in fact, want to set real people onfire. Not only is it wildly illegal and immoral, it smells badand would probably get bits of ash and melted flesh all over myclothes. I neither condone nor support the setting of peopleon fire.

...though self-immolation's kinda cool.

In response to some of the e-mails I got, yes, the poem at theend of my last rant was, in fact, written by me. Pretentious,but I just felt like sticking something at the end. This weekis a poem I wrote sheerly as a fun intellectual exercise.

O, what joy there is in brownness;
In the lack of beauty, calm rests.
What freedom it is to be formless,
To be rid of concerns, requests...
To be dull is to live in peace,
Never to be torn by small hands...

That is, until someone fills you
With air, twists you closed, and claps once.


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