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"you asked for 'em..."

Wednesday - March 28, 2001

[Piro] - 21:35:00 - [link here]

Well, it seems that hounding Largo and me does at times result in action. I think if i got one more email that ran something like 'please oh please make that 3V1L L33t shirt!!!" i was gonna scream. ^_^ so, quite literally brought to you by popular demand, Largo's '3V1L L33t' shirt is now available. Just don't go sloppin around in sewers with it, ok? :P

Actually, if you notice, Megatokyo now has it's own store over at CafePress. You no longer have to go to three or four different stores to get MT swag - they were nice enough to give us our own cart system - so no more worries about having to pay shipping and handling twice if you want multiple designs. The other benefit to the store design is that it will let us offer a better variety of stuff in the near future.

For starters, the plan is to have two groups of 'designs' - art shirts which feature full color CG works of characters and whatnot (which is basically what the first four designs represent) and a new category Character Wear for shirts like '3V1L L33t' and perhaps some other designs sported by the characters themselves.

We will also be offering, finally, some black t-shirt designs in the near future, as well as hats (these things are kinda neat - cafepress sent me a few samples. I'm probably the only one in the country with a 'megatokyo' hat right now) as well as some other gift ideas. Largo seems to be excited about MT boxer shorts. I'm hanging out for the posters. Either way, the store gives us a single location for you to get MT stuff - which is the best way to support Megatokyo, plus you at least get something to wear in exchange for your dollars.

I know there was a price increase - i apologize for that. Cafepress raised prices across the board, but us and other stores like ours the increase was pretty minimal. Buying shirts contributes to largo's beer fund and my 'new computer' fund, so in some ways it could be considered a good cause.

Hopefully today's comic isn't too confusing. There is a fine line between taking one comic to do what would normally take a page or two - you build a lot into the visuals to try to provide more information so that the story can chug along. ^_^

Things at least start to get interesting from here on out...

< Largo >

you're already here.

"black & white"

Thursday - March 29, 2001

[Largo] - 08:30:00 - [link here]

I really need to get thru my email backlog…

First up, we finally got a shopping cart system in place for our online store, so now you can go and order all your MT-swag at once. Besides getting the store up, we also have one of largo's shirts now available, the "Evil L33T' shirt.

Now if only we can get the 'ph33r my l33t n4k3d sk|11z" boxer shorts online.

Black & White rules all.

Like every other crazed gamer with an ego the size of Cleveland, I've taken a liking to the recently released god simulation game by Peter Molyneux.

The game is simple, you're a god with all amazing cosmic powers and trappings that go along with it. As you can imagine, being a god is a hell of a lot of fun, with all the lightning, and the fire, and the wrath, and the running, and the thing… and - you get the idea.

The game is based around the idea that your actions determine what you are, for example; feeding your villagers would be considered 'good', while feeding your villagers to your pet would be a bad thing. Your actions determine whether you are Black or White.

The best part about the game, is it doesn't judge you, you judge yourself. This can be a real mind fsck at times. Being good is a lot more work then you'd think. Especially when you think in terms of traditional AD&D Alignment - in the past there was always a balance of good & evil between law & chaos. In Black & White, they only focus on either good or evil. So you really find yourself asking "What is good?" saying "Is helping this villager really a good act, or should I encourage him to help himself?"

Being evil is a lot easier, you can help or not help on a whim and just remain evil by torturing your people on a regular basis. There really isn't anything quite as satisfying as picking up a villager and seeing how far you can throw him into the ocean. The *Ka-Plunk* sound made when they hit the water is really relaxing.

I tried to be a good god, but that just hasn't worked out. My people became lazy and began to complain about everything. So I torched the greedy miserable slobs till they got their act together.

There's nothing like a little divine retribution before breakfast.


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