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  1. Panel 1:
    Piro's head is about to burst like an overripe watermelon from stress, so you know what day it is today...
    Ed here. Everyone else is really busy, so I'm the one holding the fort for today, you see...
    (On his own)
    Piro's taking a day to relax, write scripts, and get his life in order.
    Can't sleep Erika'll beat me. Can't sleep...
    (Shell shocked)
  2. Panel 2:
    Dom has problems of his own, but is still doing his best to draw a strip.
    Quick, Dom, hide under here!
    Help meeee!
    Dom! You'd look so cute in this dress!
    Dom Li! Domta! You bounce so nicely! Put on some wings!
    And Largo, well... He's being himself.
    Dude. I can teach my monkey to cast magic spells. This is m3g4l33t.
    (Black + White, of course)
  3. Panel 3:
    Which, of course, means I am the new lord of MegaTokyo! All must bow t... What the?! Words... Can't control... mouth... What's... going... lellarap, lellarap 変身 ni nareeeeeee! Wh... What's happening to me?!
    o/~ Genki na kimi ga suki, ima ha tooku de miteru yo!
  4. Panel 4:
    (Oh so pretty)
    Nooooooooooo! Very NOOOOOOOOO!
    randy midget:
    Hey there, you sexy mama you...
    (Randy midget)
    Guess who forgot who was drawing this particular strip? -Dom.


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< Piro >

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"one more moment..."

Sunday - April 8, 2001

[Piro] - 22:05:00 - [link here]

Have you ever noticed that the worst time of a big project is not when you are buried in the middle of it, but right after you are finished? The first week after is always terrible. I get moody, irascible, grouchy, tired, and generally just glump around a lot. It's a terrible anti-climax that comes as you try to get back to a normal schedule.

Friday was a day of doing all the things i have needed to do for weeks, including getting a haircut (after three months, i needed one bad. I was starting to LOOK like piro). As a result of all these activities, Friday's comic was VERY late. I think i finally uploaded it around 11:45pm. ^_^ So, if you didn't see friday's comic because you only look at work, be sure to go and check it out - it's not a bad one. ^_^

Largo and I felt that we needed to take some time to sit and re-work a few things in the scripts for the next two weeks. I know that i will loose at least two readers as a result of this (hey, i was told that if there wasn't any progress by monday, they would no longer read MT. oh well) To me, it's more important that the story for MT is done right than haphazardly.

Without a doubt, the last two weeks were very stressful for everyone here on the MT team. Don't worry about us tho. We've all griped, bitched and whined a lot recently, and like i said - you say and do things that sometimes you aren't happy about, but life moves on. We are a pretty plucky bunch at MT. Next week will be better.

< Largo >

you're already here.

"stick guy dom monday!"

Monday - April 9, 2001

[Largo] - 01:00:00 - [link here]

Yes, we know.. no comic today. Instead we've provided some of Dom's stick figure goodness. Did you know that the french consider Dom a comedic genius?

Since you've got some free time, why not go over to Real Life Comics, Exploitation Now, Lethal Doses, or The Bad Boys of Computer Science - if you haven't already sampled their inate sweetness.

My recent exodus last week was due to these things called Black & White, and Tribes 2, maybe you've heard of them?I've been really torn between them, I don't have as many hours in the day as I need to properly enjoy their gaming bliss. So I've made it a point that whenever one game crashes, I load up the other. To this end, I've been playing Tribes 2 a lot more lately.

Consider my conundrum, on one hand I could be god, and on the other, I indulge in the tactile pleasure of whipping some lammah's ass's 0ldsch00l while hearing 'shazzbot' chanted like the mantra of the damned.

Tribes 2 has won out, in fact I'll have a review up on it by Thursday.

Now to return to what I said last week about the Dom rantitage. My comments on what Dom said are simple. We are here to provide a close substitute to what some people might recognize as entertainment. We are not here to respond to every complaint, and adjust how we do things because one or two people out of the two-hundred thousand megatokyo readers want changes. If a complaint is valid - we're glad to address it. But we are tired of these "please take a break from MT, I don't want to see anymore filler strips" etc. I just don't understand that logic.

I think Piro said it best, "Nothing is more frustrating that 'oh, just you wait! it's gonna be great! i promise!'. It's like crying 'wolf'. You only get credit for doing things in this world, not promising them."

This is one of the few times I'm ever going to publicly agree with Piro.


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