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    The time before and after our family vacation was filled with a wide variety of work on a number of different things, but very little in the way of postable work. I certainly did not expect to find myself completely out of synch and a desk filled with lots of rough material but little i could actually post last week. Things have settled out now, and the next MT comic is well under way, but i still feel pained by two weeks of no new material.
    SO, that said, i am posting this long page filled with endgames material that i have done recently. The background is still not finished for this drawing (i will let you ponder where exactly this falls in the storyline) so i have scanned six pages out of the moleskine cahier XL plain notebook that i’ve started using for preliminary comic development. It’s a good crack at the start of an actual Endgames doujin that i’ve been working on that follows the Endgames story from the Character’s POV (as the characters in their world). It’s quite rough, but i thought it might be at least a little interesting.
    It goes without saying, but i do apologize once again for the fractured comic schedule. I am doing my best to get on top of things, and i appreciate your patience. If nothing else, i really am trying to keep the quality up, all i lack is more pure time to get the work done properly. It’s something i am working on.
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    totus startus . opus endus workus . inactivus
    leigonous . domina . presencious
    Fred Gallagher
    Winter 2009
  3. Panel 4:
    "Father help me to bring his end..."
  4. Panel 5:
    "Then to hell his soul we'll send."
    Also shown:
  5. Panel 6:
    Characters shown:
  6. Panel 7:
    Today this ends.
  7. Panel 8:
    I shall push this kingdom
  8. Panel 9:
    into the sea.
  9. Panel 10:
  10. Panel 11:
    Spare no soul!
  11. Panel 12:
    Spare no stone!
  12. Panel 13:
    Hurl even the dead into the void!
  13. Panel 14:
    Characters shown:
  14. Panel 15:
    What? That's it? Well, for now it is. I'll post more as i work on it. At least, until I get to a point where i don't want to spoil things in the main MT story. :) Thanks for reading.
    (note: first two lines in the comic are from the song "Serial Code" by NVN Nation. Like all dialogue, it's just part of my rambling here, may or may not end up quoting it...)


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< Piro >


Wednesday - February 25, 2009

[Piro] - 02:19:23 - [link here]

Well, i certainly didn't finish any of these BEFORE i left, but they have turned into a nice fun exersize in sketching. Indulgant, perhaps, but they are actually part of the story, so maybe you'll forgive me. The first one is almost done, but i still have to finish the background. Here is the drawing where it currently stands, and a detail of the nutty hatching on the dress.

I'll refine the background a little more in the morning, but i thought i'd post what i had here before i got some sleep. Florida trip was lots of fun, did a lot of things, Jack had a great time, the coldest temperature we experienced on the whole trip was in our driveway when returning home... you get the idea. :) Good to be back, good to see i can still draw again, too.

< Dom >


"Uh oh"

Friday - February 27, 2009

[Dom] - 14:44:28 - [link here]

I'm going to see Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li tonight. It has zero positive reviews on the Internet so far. I figure it's going to take the place of my penance for Lent.


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