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  1. Panel 1:
    First, I wish it to note how many times I have expressed my concern that I am not well suited for undercover work.
    I assume I continue to be identified for high risk assignments because of my societal non-functionality.
    Noted. Continue.
  2. Panel 2:
    Last month I was asked by the special section if I would be willing to have a fetish mod installed and be 'acquired' by the trafficking circle.
    Also shown:
    Guy with armband, Largo
  3. Panel 3:
    Knowing of his inability grasp the concept that his partner might be capable of operating independently, special section assigned Largo as my backup and emergency extraction team.
    I believe this was to ensure that he would at least be using MRED sanctioned equipment and not his 'special stuff'.
    Wanna see what it can do?
  4. Panel 4:
    Fetish mods usually include fetish-specific, user adjustable behavior and personality modifiers.
    The fet-mod I received used this functionality to interdict and nullify the effects of other behavioral modifications or plug-ins they might try to install.
    I said I wanted a kitty ear mod!
    You got angel wings. It's what I had.
  5. Panel 5:
    After being 'acquired' by the circle I reconned the operation as best I could.
    The girls were not all kept in one place, but I soon realized their number was greater than originally thought.
    Also shown:
    Generic Bad Guy 1, Generic Bad Guy 2
  6. Panel 6:
    Most transactions seemed to be on a "by appointment" basis with an optional "try before buy" preview.
    I noted in my report that I had three customers die unexpectedly prior to their scheduled preview, probably due to our location in a high-crime area.
    Also shown:
    Man with Flower


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< Piro >

"yes, dom, I did"

Thursday - April 1, 2010

[Piro] - 09:21:16 - [link here]

Yes, dom, I did miss you.

But i still have a few rounds left. Don't move.



No bit April Foolery here this year, which i hope is not minded. April 1 jokes on the web get old pretty fast, but there are usually some that are pretty amusing.

Things have been quiet around here mostly because i've been slogging my way through two+ years of things that didn't get finished in comics going into Megatokyo volume 6. The good news is that i'm getting there, making progress. Still a lot to do (including finishing this chapter!) but its getting there. Some fun stuff for the book, including this rather nice illustration of Komugiko that i'm pretty happy with.

Can't wait till i am done with this. It's an aggregate weight of a lot of stuff that will be clear off my shoulders when its done. It's a darn nice looking book so far. Even i gotta admit, my art has improved since the last few books.

(rant image is shamelessly borrowed from Kozekyusuke on Pixiv.)

< Cortana >

"A little distraction while piro is away..."

Sunday - May 16, 2010

[Cortana] - 20:18:09 - [link here]

Since piro's been swamped with work and also away at ACEN, I figure I will write a few things down to give you, our loyal audience, something new and interesting to see. I'm that guy who takes care of the servers and the forums, so normally, I'm safely out of view. However, I do occasionally find things that I think everyone might enjoy seeing.

A while back, we used to do plugs for other webcomics. When someone was ranting every few days, that worked out pretty well. It's been a long time since we've done that, though.. so I figured I'd talk about a couple of them.

First off, a webcomic that's a team effort of sorts by a long-time forum member, and his wife, who is a professional mangaka in Japan. This site is a combination of her art, as well as a comic that runs on the weekends about their adventures as a newlywed couple made up of a british expat working and living in Japan, and a fairly normal Japanese woman, who's not really from the big city. I'm sure you can imagine how this can lead to some comedic situations. I read it, and I think you might enjoy it too. International Otaku Marriage

Another webcomic is Jeph Jacques' Questionable Content While I'm no huge fan of the genre of music that he references in his comic quite a bit, the comic itself is hilarious and far too like some people I know not to read it daily. Plus he almost always updates it five times a week, which in itself is a testament to how dedicated he is.

Ok, back to the forums for me. I've gotten out of my cage for long enough this time, and I think I hear piro in the driveway. Time to get back into my cat shape before he gets any ideas that I've actually been using his computer.


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