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    <Oi. Wake up.>
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    <Sorry! Sorry, just... tired...>
    <You look like hell. Try sleeping sometime. It's good for you.>
    <I did! I mean, I tried.>
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    <My friend here in Tokyo had to leave town, so now Largo and I don't have anywhere to stay. We spent the night in a park, but I need to find a place for us to stay. But I don't even know where to start...>
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    <Well, the store room on the third floor used to be an apartment. It's a dump, but it's better than sleeping in the park.>
    <But... The boss isn't gonna let us stay in the store room.>
    <I'm sure he won't mind.>
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    <Sure I wouldn't mind what?>
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    Erika, Piro
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    <Don't look at me like that, Hayasaka. It gives me the shivers.>
    <Boss, your cigarette...>
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< Piro >

ruri seems so sad in this image...


Monday - July 2, 2001

[Piro] - 01:22:00 - [link here]

The full version of the screenshot above (which is in a 1998 Animedia mag, i only scanned a small part of it) is one of my favorites and one of the saddest nadesico images i've seen. This issue came out after the TV series had ended, but before the Movie. It was a pretty exciting time to be a Ruri fan. There was word that an older Ruri was going to be the lead character in the up coming Nadesico movie. This issue of Anemedia detailed some information about what happened after the tv series, about how Akito and Yurika took care of Ruri, etc. This image summed up what it was i liked about Ruri. It was before the 'older' version of ruri made her debut, before the movie.

To this day, i still can't understand how Ruri could be the star of the movie, yet the movie have so little to do with her. I was very disappointed by the film. They missed a opportunity to explore just what it was that made Ruri so endearing to her audience. I can still go back to images like the one above, but she's been given a future... and it left me feeling rather unfulfilled.

Of course, there is little that fans can do to control what happens to their favorite characters. Studios and artists try to listen to them, and they also take in such things as sales, polls, fan activities, etc, and try to do the things that work best for keeping the fans happy (so that they keep buying stuff ^_^) Sometimes they nail it, as with Card Captor Sakura - just what the doctor ordered, and it has been very successful. Sometimes it falls flat, like the Nadesico Movie - didn't hurt the series, but didn't help it either. Sometimes, they really screw up - like infamous last episode of Evangelion - riots in the streets, rumors of fans committing suicide. Yeesh.

It's odd being on the other side of the fan/producer fence.

It was not a particularly good weekend. Even when i spend most of a weekend at the office, I usually find some time to work on Megatokyo. It's a lot like taking a break. On this particular weekend, i found myself spending this time typing and tapping away at the computer dealing with a bewildering variety of problems emanating from all across the MT universe. First i caused problems in the forums, then had to deal with things on the #megatokyo channel. I had people on ICQ needing attention, and finally a barrage of emails detailing problems and issues that needed my attention. I was waiting for people to start calling me with problems. For once, Largo was one of the least annoying people in my life. ^^;;

I finally got so frustrated with it all that i just got up and walked away from my computer. Seraphim and I sat and watched a few DVDs (for the few hours this weekend i actually got to see her.) and then I went to bed. Sunday was no better, and seemed to follow the same cycle. By Monday afternoon, when i was finally done with my project at work, I went home to crash. I didn't feel like working on MT, i was too irritated and tired to even care. I missed a monday update, and hadn't even started drawing anything. The coup de grace of the weekend was finding that my evilcute little kitty Himeko-chan had destroyed yet another printer cable - a habit i thought she had given up last year.

I sat down and cranked back the recline lever back on my Aeron chair (yes, i have one) and watched the last 4 episodes of Love Hina. Later in the week, i want to talk a bit about some of the similarities and differences between Love Hina and Megatokyo, but not right now. I think Akamatsu Ken is like my Evil Twin or something...

As i sat down last night and tried to sketch up a comic for monday, i found myself thinking. It occurred to me that i hadn't really thought about Megatokyo the comic in almost four days. Sure, plenty of Megatokyo 'stuff', but nothing that had anything to do with the story, characters, development issues, drawings, designs, etc.

There was definitely something wrong with THAT. ^_^

on four previous occasions i've had to step back from the whole Megatokyo 'thing' and find my bearings. Yesterday was the fifth time. It's refreshing, actually, to step back and regroup. It helps you find the core of what is important, what you should be doing, and what you should tune out.

I've said before that I will never become aloof or some kind of asshole elitist - It's just NOT my style, and Largo is all the l33t this comic can handle anyway. I like communicating with fans and readers on a level basis - largo and i are just people like everyone else. But i'm also learning there are pitfalls in doing this. Because i didn't handle it right this weekend, there was no comic for monday.

This doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the MT community. Hell, i get at least 10-40 supportive emails a day. The lapse this weekend is entirely my fault - because i let it effect my work. You can't control the outside world, but you can control what effects your work.

So, as i sat there in the remnants of the disaster called the weekend, i said to myself 'screw it' and spent most of last night doing development sketches. The interactions between Piro and Kimiko are more subtle and harder to convey than the interactions between Miho and Largo or Yuki and Piro. Kimiko is a lot harder to get a reading on, and so is Piro at times. It felt good to start taking a closer look at those things. It made me feel much better.

Y'know, people don't come out and tell you what they want, typically. You can only gage reaction to your work by how it effects their lives. My hope is that MT is a positive influence, and that it makes people feel good or entertains them for a few minutes a day. I think thats why I took all the upsetment this weekend hard. On some level i felt that it means that i'm not doing a good enough job. The way i tried to deal with things this weekend was the wrong way to fix anything. Doing what i do best - megatokyo itself - is the best thing i can do.

I guess my goal is that several years from now, i don't want people to pull up a drawing or illustration I did and say 'i was hoping that it would be good. Too bad in the end it wasnt.' I wish i could look at images from the Nadesico movie and feel the same things i felt about the tv-series. It's a lot harder than some people realize.

Tonight, i'm going to see what i can do to finish a MT comic and get it posted for tomorrow. My goal is to have 3 done before i leave on vacation next week. I think that's attainable. And if everyone is good, i'll scan and post some sketches to get y'all thru next week. :P

< Largo >

you're already here.

"website f00b4r'd"

Friday - June 29, 2001

[Largo] - 06:20:00 - [link here]

First off, contest strips should be emailed to

Lately I spend more and more time reworking the site so it can better handle the strain it places on my b4wx.

Well, I've been busy redesigning the site, namely it's primitive backend. We're moving to a newer mysql database this time, with a more sophisticated php layout. The biggest problem with MT's current backend, is the rants are the only piece that are still primary static pages, that is to say, we operate on a lot of 'flat files' even though the site is completely dynamic, having any flat files (even when using them with SSI) is still very bad foo.

Another problem with the rant engine, is it was never designed for anyone but Piro and I to use it. So when other people rant in those spaces, it can be confusing to the readers unless they pay careful attention to the email at the bottom. The new backend will make it more clear who is ranting and when.

With the new backend, we should start seeing more articles, reviews, and rants - as it will allow a lot of new faces to begin writing new content for the site. When we first started MT, it was easy to get three rants a week up, but lately both outside factors, and megatokyo's own drain, has limited the time we can spend writing.

The winner of the iron bartender contest has been chosen, and emailed. It is unfortunate that several of you sent in such similar recipes, so I had to go with the person who sent this one in first.

1.5 litters of Vodka1 litter of Everclear32 oz of Orange Juice16 oz of Pineapple Juice3 gallons of Hawaiian Punch2 litters of Sprite3 litters of Ginger Ale.

On a unrelated note, if you ever get the chance, go to this restaurant. It's my all time favorite place to go.

Some of you may have read the most recent rant by Scott Kurtz of PvP. The negative reaction from the 'webcomic community' has really struck a nerve in me. So many of these comic authors are too uptight. The irony of it is you would think with so many of them being fellow creators of comedy that humor wouldn't be lost on them. Instead, while they can dish out the funny to every established institution and conception, they themselves cannot take a simple joke.

Kurtz has never asked for the humanitarian of the year award for his work. However that is what ultimately makes comedy - brutal honesty. Comedy is pointing out the absurd in what we have grown used to being the normal.

To do this, a person must be able to rise above the indoctrinated culture that surrounds them, and be free to scrutinize it.

I've always felt that comedians are the closest thing this world has left that resembles a philosopher. It is their nature to examine, analyze, and often challenge the established institutions of the world.


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