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< Piro >

that other site...

"otakon bound"

Monday - August 6, 2001

[Piro] - 06:46:00 - [link here]

Otakon Information



We've finally nailed down our tentative schedule for some of the Panels and Events that we will be doing at Otakon this weekend. Here is the schedule so far:

Friday, 12:00 noon - WebManga Panel - discussion panel about web comics, will include other web comic peoples in attendance. This is NOT the main Megatokyo panel.

Friday, 4:00 pm - Opening Ceremonies - I've been asked to talk with some fansubbers about the fan community durring the opening ceremonies.

Friday, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Panel Room 3 - Megatokyo Discussion Panel - This is the main Megatokyo Discussion panel at the con - and i'm hoping everyone can make it. Largo, Dom and I will be there to answer any questions you may have, and we will be debuting two full color poster images that Merekat and I have been working on for the past few weeks. We've asked for the largest room they can manage, so there should be plenty of room for everyone. Remember this is FRIDAY NIGHT not SATURDAY!!

Saturday, (TBA, most of the day)- Largo and I are planning on hanging out in the Artist Alley for most of the day, so we should be pretty easy to find. This is one place where its OK to hunt us down...

I will put all otakon information in this box, so if you are going to the con, be sure to check here. Largo and I will have net access durring the con, so we'll keep things up to date for you. Should be fun!

Ok! Gotta make this very quick. I have to leave for the airport in about an hour. Gah... still not ready, even after taking the day off to finish getting things together ^^;;

As you may have noticed, i've dipped into some more of our fine Guest Comic Contest submissions - this is one I actually didn't get to see last time - nice work John, Largo and Piro look so... natural... in Dejiko clothes and with a shotgun... geh... ^^;; There will be one more guest strip tomorrow.

If you are going to Otakon, I'll be seeing you there. At Acen, because of the way things were scheduled, I didn't have time to really respond to all the people who wanted to talk to me - that shouldn't be a problem here at Otakon.

Remember, the main panel is FRIDAY NIGHT at 6pm. If there are any changes, or additional things we will be doing, we'll post that info in the box above. If you get to the con early, I'll be doing a panel on Web Comics with Ian Kim and a few others - I think we'll deal more with web comics in general than Megatokyo at that one, but it should be worth going to.

Saturday, I'll be running around in a dark blue T-shirt that pretty plainly says 'NYU', and i think we've secured a table in the artists alley. If nothing else, look for the images of Kimiko and Pirogoeth - that's where we'll be. :)

I have to say, i'm kinda stoked about this trip. Nervous as hell too - the panel at Anime Central broadsided me - i didn't think anyone was gonna go, so i wasn't nervous. I have a feeling that there will be a few people at this panel... Trying not to really think about it, i'm just gonna go.

For the rest of you, I'm not going ANYWHERE for the next few months, so MT's should be back on schedule without too many more delays. two guest comics, and then back to chapter 1 on Tuesday - that's the plan.

More updates from the con tomorrow night.

Oh yea, and i think that monday is the one year anniversary of Megatokyo. We're into Year 2 already??? good grief....

< Largo >

you're already here.

"Rice Turismo 3"

Monday - August 6, 2001

[Largo] - 06:21:00 - [link here]

First up, Otakon, We will be there, and hopefully so will many of you. It's going to be neat to see how many MegaTokyo Shirts will be walking around the Balitmore Convention Center this weekend. If you have one, then do us a favor and wear it - if only to amuse my sick sense of humor.

The panel schedule has been in limbo this week but now have it worked out, we will be on a "Web Manga" panel on Friday at noon. However, we're also going to hold a super secret evening with "MegaTokyo Panel" so we can field questions from our readers and handle other MT related things. The "MegaTokyo Panel" will be held on Friday August 10th, 6pm-8pm in Panel Room 3. The convention should be fun for us, we've been looking forward to seeing our readers, but also we'll be having a bit of a get-together in the webcomic realm, Hot Soup (formally of Lethal Doses, and now artist for Winter) will be lurking around with us as well.

[To the Rant-mobile!]

Well, it's been an interesting month

It all started innocently enough, I went to my local crack dealer (read GameStop) and picked up an assortment of new games for my button-pushing pleasure. One of them was "Gran Turismo 3".

For the unenlightened, "Gran Turismo 3" is an extremely realistic racing simulation game, minus the "racing" and "realistic" parts.

The physics engine would be great, if it weren't for the fact that I can hit another object while going 100mph and just "bounce" off it. I expected better from a game that touts itself as a "Realistic Racing Simulation". Yet, I cause would should be a fatal crash and just bounce right off the wall, the car's engine continues to run, and no GEICO agent has contacted me about a claim on my insurance. In GT3, you begin the game like most teenagers do: lotta money, no license.

Unfortunately, this money is barely enough to buy the cheapest of the rice burners, after which you engage in the afore-mentioned "realistic racing action".

I purchased the black & white panda Trueno -- I was told by my friends that this car was extremely "rice-able" -- and so I began play with it, and some custom mods I purchased with the leftover cash.

Initially, I found myself losing even the easiest races. Slowly, I began to accumulate more funds and flush more of my hard fought winnings into upgrading this now expensive piece of crap.

To its credit, I did finally realize how GT3 is "realistic". The point of the game isn't to race, or even to make a fast car thru purchasing and installing parts upgrades, instead: it's to spend lots of money on a car that sucks, and get very little in return - just like the real world.

On a unrelated note, everyone seems to be furious about George Lucas's title for "Star Wars Episode II", now called "Attack of the Clones". I may really guys, relax - it could have been worse... They could have called it "Send in the Clones."

I saw this over at the makers of "the funny" - Penny Arcade. It suggests the Coke doesnt own the copyright to their own logo anymore, and did a lot of other very bad things to the justice system.


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