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  1. Panel 1:
    We should head over to the Konami booth, they're showing the "Metal Gear Solid 2" preview!
    "Metal Gear"?
  2. Panel 2:
    "Metal Gear Solid 2" rocks! It's got 'Solid Snake,' the coolest guy ever! He can infiltrate and use ninja style stealth to avoid and sneak attack all who would oppose him! He's my hero!
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  3. Panel 3:
    Characters shown:
    Largo, Piro
  4. Panel 4:
    Nice mullet. Do all your heroes look like 'MacGyver'?
    There are no more heroes.


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< Piro >

Mikage & Tomomi port'n outta here...

"Tomomi... Tomomi..."

Thursday - September 28, 2000

[Piro] - 10:52:00 - [link here]

Every once and a while I get this urge to watch some anime that I haven't seen in a long while. The urge can come from just about anywhere - an inkling of a warm feeling will surface that says "gee, I'd love to see that again," or something indirectly reminds you of an old favorite. Other times, it's deliberate and comes from dissatisfaction with your current que of things to watch.

I was in the office yesterday struggling with square footage calculations in and excel sheet that was getting way to complex for my little brain to deal with when I felt the need to change the music i was listening to. I have stacks and stacks of CDs scattered about my desk, some of which were brought in months ago, some I have forgotten that I even own. While digging for the right 'mood' (I'd had enough Skinny Puppy for the day) I came across the soundtrack for Miracle Girls. Ah! perfect mood change. Just right if you are feeling a little gloomy and chipper enough to make you feel good. After a few rotations of that disk (and catching myself singing along to "Kisu no Tochuu de Namida ga") I was REALLY in the mood to watch the show again.

Now, my video shelves are a disaster. I'm seriously thinking that I need to carbon date some of the VHS tapes to see just how old some of them are. There is no organization - tapes are stacked at random, in no particular order, labels are haphazard at best. Finding anything requires the physical effort of digging thru three layers of tapes stacked two high on each shelf (never mind the effort of getting to the shelves themselves). After about a half hour I triumphantly pulled out a very old, dilapidated VHS tape with the words 'Miracle Girls 1-4' scribbled on a tiny label.

Miracle Girls is a sweet little show that originally aired back in 1993 and is based on an equally nice shoujo manga by Akimoto Nami. It's the story of twin sisters, Matsunaga Mikage (the one with the long hair) and Matsunaga Tomomi (the one with the short hair) who have ESP powers that include telepathy and the ability to teleport short distances (which requires both of them to link fingers) Tomomi is an active gal, into sports and things of that nature, and Mikage is a bit of a brain - who also has a propensity to blow up the science lab with her experiments. They have subtle quirky personalities that are a joy to watch.

The show doesn't have anywhere near the intensity of shows like Card Captor Sakura or Kare Kano - but that's one of the reasons I like it. It moves slowly, at a relaxed pace, and even tho it can be really silly at times, it never fails to make you feel good. Another thing I like about the show is it's sense of place - the girls live in Yokohama, an area that I visited and have fond memories of. It was nice to visit it again last night.

and that teleporting thing would come in REALLY handy sometimes...

< Largo >

mmm jump jets...


Thursday - September 28, 2000

[Largo] - 22:14:00 - [link here]

Today's strip … what can be said about today's strip? … Solid Snake's new haircut sucks… It sucks in ways that I didn't think suck could suck. That being said, I hope Konami remembers to give him a haircut for Metal Gear Solid 3. I mean come on, out of all the possible hairstyles in the world, why pick the most hated one? Giving this some thought I think it means during the course of playing MGS2, Snake will need to infiltrate a WWF pay-per-view event or will be driving his new Camero.

Tonight I stopped by the PVP audio show chat, this was probably a mistake since once I was there I was assaulted with questions about shirts and merchandise. For those interested - Piro is currently drawing the higher-quality color images for the shirts. Once they are done we have two options, either to use cafepress to produce them, or if we can find a vendor who can do transfers to black shirts - we'll go with that. I'd love for us be able to make a black sweatshirt rather then just a plain old white t-shirt.

More then a few of you wrote in to point out that Poe of Exploitation Now stuck us in the background of the third panel of his 9/27 episode. I happen to like Exploitation Now, so go visit it or .. something.

Though it's a little late, but I thought I'd point out that IGN has the multiplayer beta of Mechwarrior 4 to download. I love big mechs, in fact - I think everyone should have at least one. There really isn't anything quite as cool as two huge robots blowing each other to bits - except for having three huge robots blowing each other to bits.

Well I think I'll keep today's rant short. So.. umm later :P


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