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  1. Panel 1:
    Well... I think they're gone now.
    Next time we are asked to look after my niece and nephew, I'll tell them you are dead and I'm in mourning.
    Woulda been nice if they untied us before they left.
    I have no idea where they found the duct tape.
    Any idea why they decided to float all my game consoles in the bathtub?
    Probably the same reason the VCR has an entire loaf of bread jammed into the tape slot.
    (Note: Seraphim and I barely survived looking after her little niece and nephew over the weekend.)


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< Piro >

that other site...

"forums are closed (were)"

Tuesday - October 1, 2002

[Piro] - 10:25:02 - [link here]

The forums are open again. I believe we have turned off the functions that permitted this exploit. Do not, i repeat, do NOT attempt to see if the exploit still works. If i see people experimenting with breaking my boards, the forums will go down and they will stay down until i get a new version of UBB.

Clear? good. now i have to go finish the comic.

- piro

... (original post)...

The forums are closed until further notice.

Unfortunately, someone decided to experiment with an exploit that others then tried to emulate. While not harmful to the point of being destructive, i feel that this is a very severe violation of the trust i place in people to not fuck with things on the website.

Therefore, until such a time that we can determine how to prevent this from happening again, the forums will be offline.

Yes, one or two people CAN ruin things for everyone. It's not fair, i understand that, but when i ask people to behave within certain limits, there are reasons.

Now i'll go see if i can still manage to finish tomorrows comic. Tomorrow evening when i get home from work, i will see what i can do to rectify this situation.

And to think i shelled out $3,000 for a new server JUST so the forums could run smoothly. Now that server is sitting there doing nothing. Makes me feel really good, you know?


< Dom >

Oop ack!

"I have failed."

Friday - September 27, 2002

[Dom] - 02:00:00 - [link here]

Argh! My worst effort yet. It is my turn to commit seppuku...

Wait, go to the happy place, go to the happy place... Soul Calibur 2, Steel Battalion, Animal Crossing...

Happy place found. But still not quite happy.


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