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    <I don't understand why Piro-san doesn't like me.>
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    <It's like he doesn't have any feelings for me at all. He doesn't even treat me like a real person.>
    <Well, technically you're not - you're a Playstation accessory.>
    <I know, but... my end user is supposed to develop feelings for me. That's what I'm designed for. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Why won't Piro-san pay attention to me?>
    <Real girls have the same problems, Ping. You want anything for breakfast?>
    <Can I get one of those waffle things? So... I'm not just a flawed prototype?>
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  4. Panel 4:
    <If anything, your user interface is too realistic. You're a little too 3D for a 2D girl.>
    <You mean, I'm acting too much like a real girl?>
    <The more real you are, the more problems boys will have with you...>
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< Piro >

that other site...

"forums are closed (were)"

Tuesday - October 1, 2002

[Piro] - 10:25:02 - [link here]

The forums are open again. I believe we have turned off the functions that permitted this exploit. Do not, i repeat, do NOT attempt to see if the exploit still works. If i see people experimenting with breaking my boards, the forums will go down and they will stay down until i get a new version of UBB.

Clear? good. now i have to go finish the comic.

- piro

... (original post)...

The forums are closed until further notice.

Unfortunately, someone decided to experiment with an exploit that others then tried to emulate. While not harmful to the point of being destructive, i feel that this is a very severe violation of the trust i place in people to not fuck with things on the website.

Therefore, until such a time that we can determine how to prevent this from happening again, the forums will be offline.

Yes, one or two people CAN ruin things for everyone. It's not fair, i understand that, but when i ask people to behave within certain limits, there are reasons.

Now i'll go see if i can still manage to finish tomorrows comic. Tomorrow evening when i get home from work, i will see what i can do to rectify this situation.

And to think i shelled out $3,000 for a new server JUST so the forums could run smoothly. Now that server is sitting there doing nothing. Makes me feel really good, you know?


< Dom >

"Happy trails"

Thursday - October 3, 2002

[Dom] - 19:00:00 - [link here]

My happy place just shrunk a little bit. Well. By two books, more specifically.

Transmetropolitan ended, at a ripe 5 years old, and I liked how it ended--when the writer wanted it to. That's an infrequent thing in American comics.

Meanwhile, and this is the more crushing blow to me, I'm out of GTO to watch. I finished the drama, finished the manga, and the anime doesn't interest me as much as it used to, due to the fact that they key animator needs to be shot repeatedly in the face. If you think I'm smoking crack, just turn everything off and pay attention to the animation--it's so inconsistent I can barely tell what it's going to look like from one second to another.

But the end of one hobby is the beginning of another, after all--and I recently bought, as a homage to my first cartoonist hero, Berkeley Breathed. I figure that there, I'll be able to pursue two things that piss me off about how GTO has been treated--I'll to translate the parts of the manga that TokyoPop has left behind, as well as talk about cultural references they missed that you may not know... et cetera. Meanwhile, given the horrible, HORRIBLE digisubs of an otherwise enjoyable GTO drama out there, I'm going to be joining an effort to sub it, and sub it right. Because I was about to go kill someone after I saw a note in the sub script that went something like this: "The translator mis-translated Miyabi's name as Minami. It will be like this for the rest of the series." Note the subtext "And I didn't do a simple find and replace because I'm a lazy bastard."

If you want a job done, do it right... and if you see a job done wrong that you can do right, do it right. Or something like that.

What else will be for? Who knows, maybe I can use it as my version of Fredart...

And someone at work just handed me a copy of Earth and Beyond. I wonder if I should play it...


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