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    Graphic Novel Prep Week - 3 of 3
    Sometimes, a day can be a total waste. That's the trouble with art stuff - you can't always make just the right thing right when you want to. I tried pretty hard today to produce a good cover image. I was feeling pretty good about this drawing 'til I stepped away from it for a while then came back. It didn't take me very long to scrap this study as well. 8 hrs of work today with nothing to show - such is creating, sometimes.
    It's not a total loss, however. Sometimes you have to get the crap drawings out before you can do the good ones. Sometimes, just getting the right idea takes time. Biggest problem with this and other studies - flat, plain, pointless poses - there is no real interest in this drawing, it has no life to it. That's why I scrapped it.
    It's now about 11:00 and I'm pretty disgusted with myself, but I have one saving grace - almost in frustration, I sketched something free of the burden of 'Oh, I have to design a really good cover!'... and oddly enough, it's the best and most vibrant idea I've had yet, and might just make that 'really good cover' I'm trying to make... Art is funny that way.
    Latest cover idea - Much more dynamic. Might work...
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    Kimiko, Largo, Piro


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Sunday - October 20, 2002

[Piro] - 10:50:22 - [link here]

Last week flew by a little too fast. On the one hand, i look at how many hours i put into image prep and see how much i got done and say "wow, not bad." Then i look at my to-do list and the things i had really wanted to do last week and say "damnit, where did the week go?"

The positive thing is that i really feel that the cover art is finally falling into place - i'll post a composite of how it turned out sometime during the week (probably over on fredart). Oh, speaking of fredart, i fixed up a few things over there, some code stuff and re-posted the latest sketch that disappeared (not that it was any loss - man, my sketches are getting crappier and crappier)

The plan is to get back into the comics this week. One of the most interesting things about going back and working on the first 133 comics or so was the fact that it was a little like going back in time. I was re-visiting things i had done almost two years ago, and had a chance to really get into the 'old comics' and get a better feel for some of the things i was doing back then. It was a little enlightening. Personally, i feel that Megatokyo was at it's best around the time of the Mosh Mosh Revolution series, and the Beergarden sequence, and as such i'd like to hit sequences of that quality more often. You have to do a lot of setup to get there sometimes, and the trick is to keep the setup as entertaining and interesting as the good stuff - i dunno, i really have no idea what i am doing, and i'm just making it up as i go along.

I've got to work on scripts now, and then get monday's comic ready. Like i said, hopefully, i wont have to take any more breaks in the comic between now and mid november (my dude date). I still have a LOT to do to get the book ready - i still have a lot of extra material to put together - so please bear with me if there are any more hiccups.

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Monday - October 14, 2002

[Dom] - 22:00:00 - [link here]





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