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    Busy Piro Day... Graphic novel prep - Cover art
    Not quite done, but close. Just a simple mock-up. Note the new logo - it's a little more balanced than the old one.
    Note: background is still not done...
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< Piro >

Warmth quickly colored

"Color Overload"

Wednesday - November 13, 2002

[Piro] - 10:30:00 - [link here]

I'm kinda swamped today, so this will be a very short rant today. The main reason for it, actually, is to link up to the other two color works that I posted today over at Fredart. The first one is a quickly colored version of the 'Warmth' dead piro day I did sometime last year (there is a link to the comic in the comments under the image at fredart. AmeriManga needed a stand-in color cover for promotional purposes, so I spent four hours and got this hammered out. The actual cover will be far better than this, but really, it didn't come out all that bad, given the time frame. I like Saeko and Tom and the other characters in warmth - they are unique characters in and of themselves, and the thoughts of them interacting with any of the MT characters makes me think of how the end of the world might look... yeah, i wonder about my brain sometimes.

The other art piece for today i actually did several months ago as a design for the Megatokyo blanket that ThinkGeek wanted to produce. Not only did the artwork itself come out very interesting in a bold, graphic kind of way:

But it has the full approval of all my cats, especially hime, who we can see here curled up literally in Kimiko's lap. If you are interested, the blankets should be available for purchase in the ThinkGeek/Megatokyo store sometime in the next few weeks.

Oh, and about today being a Dead Piro Day rather than a comic... some have accused me of breaking my promise to not interrupt the comics from here on out. I'm not, actually. It was either skip a comic this week, or cause a week delay in the release of the book, which has serious consequences for my poor publisher. :) Just because I am doing MT full time now doesnt mean I am superman. I'm in a major crunch to finish additional material for the book, and I made a decision that it was my responsibility to take the time yesterday You have to do that sometimes.

Ah, and some would call that last paragraph pretty typical Piro-whining. And so it probably is. Like I said before, this isn't fsking Penny Arcade - i can be a whiney bitch and skip comics if i want to. :P

Heheh. Sorry, i just couldn't resist.

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(uhm, sorta more important than before ^^;;)

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"Miscellaneous Debris"

Wednesday - November 13, 2002

[Dom] - 00:45:00 - [link here]

Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't rant at this time of the morning. But dammit, I have 500 words to go on this foreword, and nothing left to say. But the mere fact that I have 500 more words means that I need to use at least a few hundred of them... right?

Anyway. You may have noticed that our forums got a little shake. That's because Fred, me, and a few other people decided that things needed better organization and grouping. And that something needed to be cut for the new writing forum. Dr. Largo's Mecha Forum was elected, and it was cut. Go ahead and complain, but I see no reason to bring it back.

I would rant about games, but I'm too busy writing about games to write about games--I know, it's weird, but hey, it's part of writing for two jobs at once with a project on the side.

I'll have more on Friday. I need to crash now, make some deadlines tomorrow, and catch up on my Lacanian theory by next Tuesday. Sigh... oh well, can't say I didn't bring it on myself.


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