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  1. Panel 1:
    What a day. My head hurts.
  2. Panel 2:
    I can't believe I forgot that lesson. What's the deal with that goth girl? Did Nanasawa-san really like my drawing, or was she just being nice?
  3. Panel 3:
    I can't help but think that she actually liked it. It was like she was teasing me about it. I dunno...
    Also shown:
    Ping, Seraphim
  4. Panel 4:
    Hmmm... His thoughts are still on that Nanasawa girl. Maybe there's hope for him yet.
    Also shown:
  5. Panel 5:
    Relax, Boo, you did the best you could under the circumstances. I think we did OK today. It could have gone far worse than it did.
  6. Panel 6:
    I think we both deserve a night off.
  7. Panel 7:
    Ahhh... so THAT'S your weakness.


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< Piro >



Thursday - April 10, 2003

[Piro] - 12:00:00 - [link here]

Before i rant along here about my weekend visit to Seattle, you should take a moment to look at the full shot of the Broken Miho image that Merekat and I showed at Sakuracon. A rather amazing piece of work, is it not? I think it does a real good job of capturing the feel of the piece. Yes, there will be posters, sometime in May, don't start email-bombing me. ^^;;

I can honestly say that Seraphim and I had a blast at Sakuracon. The trip started to look bad when we changed planes in Minneapolis and ended up being in two center seats, one in front of the other, rather than next to each other (doh!), but it worked out ok in the end. We put the Sakuracon crew, most of all poor Lony, who had never read MT before and no idea what he was getting into as our 'liaison', went far and above the call of duty for us on many things, and for that you guys have our thanks.

Of course, one of the highlights of Sakuracon was the ability to toss things at Tycho and Gabe - though honestly it was great seeing them again. Last time I saw them was E3 almost 2 and a half years ago. One of the most satisfying moments of the con was watching this cute little girl giggle her head off as she smacked Tycho in the ass with a paper tube as he talked to me. Our webcomic panel was a lot of fun. In fact, i think it was better than the MT panel itself. I did chuckle at the wide eyed dazed confusion of panic you could see in their eyes as they experienced their first Anime convention. Tehehh. I hope we get to see them at other conventions, honestly - these guys are a hoot. There are reasons why i tell people to go read PA when they complain to me about lack of humor in MT. :)

Oh, and yes, Tycho and I do disagree on issues such as donation systems for supporting a site like this, but i should clarify that I FULLY respect and encourage people to use the system if they are comfortable with it. It really does directly support great sites like Penny Arcade, and my resistance to using such a system has more to do with personal neurosises and a highly evolved guilt complex (i think it even has its own zip code now). By all means, support the comics you read if they have donation systems in place. I just have different ideas of how to survive on the web, thats all :)

Both Seraphim and I want to thank all the fans who were patient enough to stand in line as i slowly drew stuff for everyone. For me, this is the best part and the most important part of going to a convention. It lets me indulge my masochistic side, as well as have a chance to meet as many MT fans as i can and give them something in return for all the respect they give me. MT fans are the nicest bunch of people. :) Well... there was the 'sign my balls' incident, but lets not go there. ^^;; I've been collecting con pics, and with dom's help we'll see what we can do to get a decent gallery system going so people can see how things went.

I also had a great time meeting and having dinner with the Japanese guests on Sunday night. Nagahama-san is one of the nicest guys i've ever met, and we spent dinner talking without the help of an interpreter, and given the limitations on both sides, it was a fun and interesting conversation. The con staff even gave me a Con Survival Kit that contained aspirin, a wrist brace, water, and a thing of Icy Hot. ^^;;

K, that said, one more time - Sakuracon was a great con, and thank you to everyone who helped make it a good con for us. :)

Of course, being somewhat masochistic, guess who is traveling again tomorrow afternoon? :P On Saturday, April 12th, from 9:30am to 4:00pm both Seraphim and I will be in South Bend Indiana at the St. Joseph County Public Library Open Book Festival. So, if you live in the area, you can come down and hear me talk about the process of getting published ^^;; I believe there will be an article in the local Tribune paper as well (yikes, need to get the reporter some artwork, gotta do that next ^^;;)

I've got to get back to work on Friday's comic, but i'll post some pics from Sakuracon next week. Please enjoy the above linked image of the Broken Miho - Merekat worked very hard on it, and we'll be showing some closer up details so you can see some of it in full droolage - probably as some wallpapers. My favorite part really is the hair and the eyes... and the lace. Yes, amazing lace, it really is...

okies, off to work...

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"Dead Air"

Tuesday - April 15, 2003

[Dom] - 16:30:00 - [link here]

Yes, I'm quite aware that I haven't ranted in almost two weeks now. I'm not sorry, there's been a lot of crap I've had to take care of. And there's going to be more, too. is aaaalmost ready for public consumption. The estimate was off. Hodge-Podge's new estimate is that it'll be up... soon. And then we'll start hacking at a cosplay database. Whee~

A final bit of clean-up: I recently got this e-mail from our buds over at Bioware: It's pretty interesting. Yeah... interesting.

Shirt Guy Dom, I must say that I am incensed that you have theunmitigated gall to put up such vile misinformation in your rant sectionof the Megatokyo web site. BioWare has NOT authorized the release,marketing, development, or conception of the "Shirt Guy Dom GoldCollection" nor the games "Shirt Guy Dom Make My Video," "MegaTokyo MudWrestling," "Star Wars Episode 3: Stick Figure Sith" or the Shirt GuyDom expansion to Neverwinter Nights. This is all typical of your desirefor more face time and self-promotion on the Megatokyo web site,something you've been clamoring for ever since the mysteriousdisappearance of Great Teacher Largo some months back. Should youpersist in perpetrating these unsupported announcements of unauthorizedproducts, I will be rather upset with you and all your Megatokyobrethren. Besides, I'd much rather see a "NeverLargo Nights" game whereLargo finally gets his chance to rid the Forgotten Realms of its zombieinfestation once and for all.

Who is depicted-in the July 12, 2002 Megatokyo cartoon-drooling over aNeverwinter Nights box? Why, I do believe it's someone whose name is NOTShirt Guy Dom! Who has been assigned Boo as a guardian angel? Shirt GuyDom? Most certainly not! Who wanted BioWare to make him their monkeyboy? Someone other than Shirt Guy Dom, as I recall. In the face of allthat evidence, which can be easily found in Megatokyo's archives, Ithink that if BioWare were to do anything with MegaTokyo, it would bewith Great Teacher Largo and not you, so-called Shirt Guy Dom, or shouldI say "Short Guy DUMB"? Yeah, that's right, you heard me. I'm callingyou out. What are you gonna do about it, huh? Sic your stick-figuredalter ego on me, is that it? You gonna poke me with your stick-figuredhand or draw unflattering stick-figure representations of your victoryover me? I'm shaking in my Neverwinter Nights shirt (which is includedin the Neverwinter Nights Collector's Edition, I might add). Come on,Shirt Guy Dom, bring it on! You and me, this Sunday at Wrestlemania, inthe squared circle! No holds barred, no disqualifications! QA Ninja Stanand Shirt Guy Dom in the steel cage!

That's right, Shirt Guy Dom. We want overenthusiastic,conspiracy-theorist fanboys like Largo hyping our product, notshirt-selling, rant-writing, glasses-wearing, stick-figure-drawing,Piro-subsituting, Largo-killing, weasel-rapping, tire-rolling,beef-triping, gold-smelting, table-constructing, penguin-suiting,carbohydrate-consuming, beer-drinking, language-speaking,elbow-dropping, bus-driving, two-timing, pain-bringing,game-worshipping, television-taping, computer-defragging, pants-swiping,fence-painting, plant-growing, video-renting hacks like you.

Stanley Woo, Quality Assurance Ninja
BioWare: Where quality begins with QA!

What a pack of nutjobs :)

Meanwhile, I was sent this Fist of the North Star-inspired flash recently. It's also... interesting.

That's your horoscope for today.


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