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Friday - May 30, 2003

[Piro] - 11:45:00 - [link here]

Shortest. Piro Rant. Ever.


hope everyone liked the (gasp) three whole real honest to goodness MT comics in one week my god pigs are gonna fly the world is commin to an end week. :P Big thanks to Seraphim for t3h funny in today's strip :P

Since i'm not traveling this month, i have a lot of plans in place for changes to the MT site here. Nayuki-chan has been ordered, and in a few weeks she will be sharing hosting duties with poor overworked Makoto-rin. :)

Acen rant is almost done, i'll post it monday. Also, part 2 of my mac g4 review will be ready next week as well. Have a good weekend folks :)

< Seraphim >


Sunday - June 1, 2003

[Seraphim] - 02:10:00 - [link here]

ACen was a unique experience. We went to the dealer room to sign autographs on Friday. First of all, the dealers room was across the street. Walking around outside the building to get in was a good distance but the indoor skywalk from the hotel was a daytrip around, over, and behind the building. I'm sure it is a convenience in inclement weather but this was ridiculous while toting around our displays and Fred's suitcase of drawing implements. When we finally got to the dealer room someone had stolen our table and chairs for their own booth. Although there were tables and chairs around it was a union shop and the union guys were on lunch. Everyone was very patient until lunch break was over and we got set up with a new table. I was worried but we came back Saturday and it was still there.

I actually made some money at this con. One fan gave me a dollar bill folded into an elephant, and yet another one gave me a $2 bill folded into a stand up heart with a quarter displayed in the front of it. I cleared like $3.25 at this con. I recommend all fans learn origami and fold money and give it to me! I love money I mean origami.

It was very ironic that the Dead Piro comic for the weekend was "L33t Folding Skillz" and these fans show up with origami having not even seen the strip. The morning we left for the con I woke up with Fred holding the drawing in front of my nose. Even without glasses I immediately recognized that the girl on the right in the flower shirt and the boy with the glasses were Fred and I as children. That is so me. I was pictured in a newspaper in 3rd grade playing in a fountain with my classmates during a field trip and I looked just like that. Big mouth and all. Fred has never even seen it. But then again I think I am running around screaming and laughing like a maniac in a lot of old pictures. A lot of fans asked if that image would be for sale but I have to say I called dibs. The happy kids and Junpei - I just love the image.

Origami is my only real artistic talent and if you can learn what the diagrams mean anyone can do it. There are 8 year olds who can kick my butt at origami. Fred is always very encouraging but I have an art phobia. I think what did me in is that I have no sense of perspective. Zero, zilch, nil. Fred has tried to teach me. The road going off into the distance between two hills - can't do it. I end up with something like the optical illusion test asking you which line is longer when they pass through another line.

Art classes in grade school were a nightmare. I got one A - it's my masterpiece and I still have it. It was the carved linoleum print block unit. It was 8th grade. I gouged out a cat sitting on a braided rug (see I have always loved cats). It wasn't that good - I only got B's on the technical portions of the actual image, final print block, and inking- but one assignment was to print it onto a page out of a magazine. I found a line drawing of an old fashioned kitchen scene and slapped it on there. It ended up in the art show. It's hard when your talent peaks so young. Knowing I will never be able to top my piece 'Cat in Kitchen' I have never tried.

Actually, I do still try but no one but Fred ever sees it. Last year I took up oil painting. Now I end up with something more akin to a colorized Rorschach Inkblot Test. My last recent accomplishment was when a fan asked Fred to draw Largo in sailor cap for his cousin who was deployed. Fred couldn't remember what the style looked like so we tried to verbally describe it to him (which failed miserably) so I drew one for him. And Fred could actually tell what it was from my drawing. Most 3 year olds can kick my butt in drawing. I don't doubt there are several chimps out there who could best me too. I'd like to see them fold origami though.


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