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< Dom >

Where did my pipe and silk robe go...?

"Otakon Madness"

Friday - August 15, 2003

[Dom] - 16:30:00 - [link here]

Note: this rant is from Asmodeus, AKA Ken, AKA "Doushi Kenzuki". He wanted to put up a rant about the blackout and why there was no MT strip, then it ended, so there goes that window of opportunity... instead, we get to hear him talk about Otakon! So without any further ado, I turn this over to Asmodeus. -Ed.

This will be a long rant so please bear with me.

It's been a week since Otakon 2003, the largest anime convention in the Eastern US. Fred, Sarah, Jon (Ukyo), and I had lots of fun, along with a lot of scares. Too bad Dom couldn't make it 'cause I would have been able to dodge few of those terrors if he was present (Suck it! I dodged that like Neo... -Ed.). So here is the list of the pros and cons of Otakon 2003!!


  • Lots of fans coming to the MT panel and autograph sessions
  • The panel going very smoothly (Hey, we're getting good at this)
  • Meeting a lot of friends from MT and other communities
  • Finally meeting Tenebrae, info source for the Miho character (She's so damn kewl!)
  • Getting autographs from Yoshiaki Iwasaki, the director of Love Hina, on my Love Hina R2 DVD box and Love Hina artbooks (Yes, I'm a big LoveHina fanboy)
  • Jerry Chu of Bandai coming to complain that our autograph line was colliding with the Bandai booth (Mwahahahahahaha!) (Tell Jerry that he gets no luv until he tells us what they're going to rename Quattro Vagina! -Ed.)
  • Being with 2 gorgeous girls in corsets! (I should get a silk bathrobe and a pipe :P)
  • Sleeping in between 2 very very cute girls! (Nothing sexual, I mean it!)
  • My girlfriend cosplaying in the costume of my dreams (mmmm..... )
  • Seeing two grown ups in cat suits and pink bunny suits
  • Missing otaku announcements in the Dealer's Room (Ben blah blah, I believe you are old enough to be aware that your mother is looking for you)
  • Not seeing Great Teacher Largo lecture (Hallelujah!!)
  • Never seeing it rain during the day
  • Getting to meet Tsukasa Kotobuki again (I was his interpreter at Katsucon)


  • Hot humid weather (It's Baltimore, what do you expect?)
  • A "L33t n3kk1d sk1llz" Largo cosplayer humping me and rubbing his (censored -Ed.) against my thigh (uguu... I can still feel it...)
  • Not seeing the T.M.R. concert
  • Not spending enough time with some friends
  • My right arm hurt pretty bad by the end of the con (No, not what you're thinking)
  • Walking (Maybe I should ask Fred to get a Segway for conventions) (Wuss! -Ed.)
  • My car acting strange while driving there and coming back (It was shaking like it was about to break apart)
  • The Pocky riot (go easy with the Pocky next time, Go Takarada)
  • Getting stopped every 5 seconds for an autograph (People, please listen to what we say)
  • Not seeing many cosplayers
  • Hearing ADV booth bimbos screaming like boars with a front row seat
  • Not getting to buy goodies 'cause I'm broke (Where is my paycheck?!)
  • The con only feeling 2 days long
  • Dom asking Fred and I to strip during the panel (Hey, the fans wanted it, not me -Ed.)

There's more but I'm sure you are all getting tired of reading my trash, so I will stop. Thanks to all who came to see us and made a stop at our booth in the Dealer's Room. Here is the quick list of thanks to the people who made my con experience fun.

Otakon Green Room Staff
Otakon Autograph Staff
Tenebrae and Tene-daughter
Rest of the #censored crew
Richard "Pocky" Kim
Taka the ukulele-man
Pontus Madsen from Little Gamers
Natsuki and the Nekobox gang
My "kawaii" girlfriend Crowie (Dude, what's with the quotation marks? -Ed.)
Sarah (Seraphim)
Fred (Piro)
The Fans!!

To e-mail Asmodeus, use his aniverse address: -Ed.

< Dom >


"Strange Days"

Monday - August 11, 2003

[Dom] - 20:30:00 - [link here]

I suppose you're wondering what I've been up to. Especially since I wasn't at Otakon and haven't even checked my e-mail in days. I apologize for my absence, but it couldn't be helped, due to there being... y'know, no ticket and no time. I'd been to 5 conventions in 10 weeks, and that was just wearing on me.

So what have I been doing with my time? Well, while I haven't ditched Minesweeper, I did pick up Knights of the Old Republic last Sunday, which destroyed my productivity to the point where I had to lend it to a friend so I could get work done (as a sidenote, when I handed it to him he said "Well, there go my nights").

See, what happened is that after I bought it, I headed back to my apartment with a friend, and fired up KotOR at around 7:30. We blinked, and suddenly it was 3:30. I know that you've heard it before, but I'll repeat: it's that good. Bugs be damned, as soon as I'm settled back into a normal schedule again I'm getting it back from my friend and freeing up some weekends.

Unfortunately, in exchange for KotOR, I borrowed Da Capo from my friend, pictured above. It's an H visual novel that amuses me to no end, though the TV series amuses me too. For one thing, the main character is dumb as rocks when it comes to (most) girls, and it feels comforting to me that even the heroes of H games can be extraordinarily stupid about these things. He reminds me of me, really.

But no, the real reason I like Da Capo is its weird-ass sense of humor. I mean, c'mon. The upcoming PS2 version features a girl who looks like a normal girl to everyone except the main character, who sees her as a girl in a pink bear costume. Why? Who knows? It's Magic!

I've avoided talking about where I've worked for the past three years, since I didn't think it was anyone's business. But since I feel that I owe everyone a complete explanation for why I had to miss out on all of Otakon, I'll say it. I don't know how much longer I'll be working there, but hopefully I'll be able to stay on. See, for the past three years I've been an intern at GamePro Magazine, brushing up my writing skills and keeping a close eye on the video game world, which is why I laugh long and hard when someone accuses MegaTokyo of being uninformed about video games. And, in the past few months, I've been in charge of the online Entertainment section, struggling to keep it up to date pretty much by myself, with the exception of New Comics Day. And now, I've been placed in charge of daily gaming news, which is sucking up even more of what was once free time.

But then again, I'm having a grand time, so I don't mind. Anyway, this is probably the last time in a while you'll hear about my job, since I can't really talk much about it. You know, because there's this piece of paper I signed three years ago (at least, I think I signed it, and I'm not taking any risks) that holds me to this non-disclosure thing...

Oh. And did I mention that I'm graduating from UC Berkeley on Friday? I'm kinda excited about that one, and it's the primary reason I stayed home from Otakon. I still have a healthy bit of work to do before I finish, meaning that I have even less time to update MT over the next week.

But hey, time moves forward, and I'll eventually be able to rant with some sort of frequency again. On that note, I leave you to finish a few more articles...


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