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Friday - October 3, 2003

[Piro] - 01:00:00 - [link here]

Just a quick rant to touch on a few things tonight. First, for those of you who had pre-ordered Megatokyo Book 2 from IC Entertainment, did not receive an email from us regarding your order, and then emailed us regarding your order... We have your emails and we have been slowly been working our way through them. The book doesn't come out till January, so don't worry, we will take care of you. Sarah has been slowly working her way thru the emails - keep in mind that she's a full time grad student too, so thanks for your patience, :)

Second thing to note is that Seraphim and I will be at C-kon in South Bend, Indiana this weekend. We plan to be there Friday evening and all day Saturday. I know that there are two panels scheduled, just not sure of the times. Sarah and I will spend as much time as we can at our table in the dealers room, so be sure to stop by. Wizzywig will also be there selling the usual smattering of MT goodies, if you need tshirts to paint the house in or whatever :)

Right now I'm mired in the middle of pre-processing all the megatokyo volume 2 comics. It's actually not as bad as it was doing the comics for book 1 - things are in better shape, I was starting to learn some things about how best to put things together. It's interesting, really, to go back and see some of the odd ways I used to do things and how I kept trying new things until I got to the system I have now for assembling the comics.

It was also interesting delving in and finding out why when I imported EPS files into photoshop, all of the black seemed faded - and was actually a few shades lighter than pure CMYK black. Turns out it was something in color management, and now that that is fixed, I'm much happier - no more adjusting levels on the finished comics :)

I haven't turned my PS2 on in a week. It seems like such a waste, but there is little I can do about it now. Maybe over Christmas I'll have time to play with it. .hack has been fun so far, and I really should crack the seal on Disegea, but I worry that Book 2 will never happen if I do that...

Some other, overdue and random linkages, just for fun.

Down at Georgia Tech, the guys at Phi Kappa Theta are hosting a 48 hour gaming marathon called Extra Life for Kids from October 11 to 13th to rais money for the Children's Miracle Network. Check it out, gaming for a good cause. :)

I peruse a number of news sites on a regular basis, Insert Credit isa pretty nice gaming news site that deals mostly with Japanese games, doujinshi games and even cell phone games - in English, no less. Definitely a nice informative little site.

If you are looking for general news on japan, there are a few pretty decent English-language options. There is Japan Today, and pretty decent news site that also had discussion threads for each of th enews stories. The Japan Times is an old standard for basic news targeted towards english speakers living in japan. For something slightly different, there is always the Mainichi Daily News. A word of caution... the Wai Wai section is not for the faint of heart.

Overdue webcomic linkages needed for AppleGeeks. Not sure what's up with the nudist colony in the dorms right now, but its still a damn fine and stylin comic, check em out.

My sister has a webcomic/story of her own that she's posted online. If you like fantasy stories, definitely check out Swenyar's Find

What about Japanese webcomics? Oh, there are plenty of them. The Web Comic Ranking site is a great place to poke around, if you can figure out how to navigate it (understanding a little Japanese helps)

Ok, enough randomness for one night. :) Oh, almost forgot, today's DPD is kind of different, isn’t it? ^_^ I thought it'd be fun to make an actual DVD cover for one of the Girl Phase DVDs, sort of an 'artifact' of sorts. The comic above is really just a photograph of the DVD cover I made. If you would like to see the original scan, be sure to visit the Fredart site for the drawing itself. No, I can't give you anymore info on the characters in Girl Phase yet, so don't bug me. :P


- megatokyo merchandise -

Megatokyo t-shirts, posters and other merchandise can either be purchased online at the Megatokyo / ThinkGeek store, or from Wizzywig at various anime conventions around the country, even conventions that I will not be at. Below is a list of upcoming conventions where Wizzywig will be at:

  • September 26-28 Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta GA)
  • October 3-5 C-Kon (South Bend IN)
  • October 18 Motor City Comic Con (Detroit, MI)
  • October 24-26, Anime Reactor, Rosemont, IL
  • November 7-9 - Neko Con (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • November 21-23 - Sugoi Con (Cincinnati OH)
Just for reference, here is Piro and Seraphim's con schedule for the rest of the year:

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"Schnitzel with noodles"

Thursday - October 2, 2003

[Dom] - 11:30:00 - [link here]

I had a bad day today. No, I lie, I had a really lousy, grumbling at everyone, "Wow, Dom, you really had a crappy day" day.

But instead of taking it out on you guys, I'm going to go the Maria Von Trapp way and list things that are good right now--not to make me feel better necessarily, but so I at least know at some level that I have no right to feel down.

For example, my friend and I are making Full Metal Panic Fumoffu costumes, which will allow us to stalk people and have the "in character" excuse. It's also why I'm going to wear a horse head and trench coat as my Halloween costume.

And I just beat Disgaea, which means that I can slowly start reclaiming my free time and write again--free time that will be copious due to my impending unemployment, which I look at as more of a break than a bad thing. Yeah... a break. I get to write a bunch of projects I have floating in my head, get to work on some MT and Oop-Ack stuff I've long neglected, et cetera.

Speaking of Oop-Ack, isn't it great that Xanie of is giving me 500 megs of storage and 5 gigs a month for $10, with an extra fifty cents per gig? I'm happy about that.

And I'm happy that I have the Shinobi re-release (with Super Play videos and Kunoichi trailer) coming in the mail via NCS, and that next week I get to hang out with the Real Life guys and play Crystal Chronicles on a TV bigger than I am.

And I'm happy that Godannar is pure '70s cheese and not embarrassed about it (though there is a bit too much of the bouncing jubbly in there for me to enjoy the show).

I'm happy that Battle Programmer Shirase actually exists and is about to air.

I'm happy that Johnny Depp has more arms than he has eyes in Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

I'm happy that I can say the words "Bruce Campbell is Elvis" and people will go "ooh, that's playing in Berkeley next week?" instead of "Wha?"

And I'm happy that I'm full of Snapple and sushi right now. Even after a bad day.


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