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  1. Panel 1:
    <It was in the back room.>
    <Ah. Thank you.>
  2. Panel 2:
    Characters shown:
    Erika, Ping, Piro
  3. Panel 3:
    <Something wrong?>
    <No, nothing, nothing.>
  4. Panel 4:
    Characters shown:
  5. Panel 5:
    <I have to go out for a bit. Watch the store.>
  6. Panel 6:
    <Piro-kun, what's wrong? You look unhappy.>
    Also shown:
  7. Panel 7:
    <I dunno, it's just... Largo and Erika? I just don't see it. How can she stand him? I mean, he doesn't even acknowledge that women exist, never mind... never mind... No, I can't go there. I don't want to think about it.>
  8. Panel 8:
    So, she was serious after all.


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< Piro >

Megagear is open!

"MegaGear 2.0 now open"

Monday - January 3, 2005

[Piro] - 16:02:00 - [link here]


I've been getting lots of email saying that you can't find where to enter international ordering information... that's because its not on yet! Give us a few days to make sure stuff is working and then we'll turn it on! sheesh! ^^;;


Ok! the MegaGear store is now open! Of course it took a bit more time than I expected to get everything up and working properly (like that should surprise anyone ^^;;) Feel free to check out the new site and some of it's new features. Oh, and you are welcome to buy stuff. That's ok too. :)

A few things to note... we moved most of the existing MegaGear accounts over to the new software, but not all of them. You can log into your account using your email address. If your account doesn't exist, just make a new one. :) We will begin taking international orders as soon as we are fully re-stocked and are sure the new systems are working without a hitch.

We will begin taking pre-orders for book 3 in a few days, once again once we are sure all the systems are up and running without a hitch :)

Talk about a weight off my shoulders, it's good to have the new store up and running (does a happy dance). Now that that is over with, I need to get cracking on tomorrows comic. Whee :)

< Dom >

Good lord.

"Keep your mind off"

Tuesday - December 28, 2004

[Dom] - 23:59:59 - [link here]

It's become in vogue among the blog/webcomic crowd to link to organizations providing some measure of relief to the surviving tsunami victims in South Asia. While I applaud this way of dealing with mind-numbingly large numbers like death tolls and damage totals, I'm an obsessive-compulsive. My way of easing my mind of this big is to submerge myself in something else entirely, so I don't think about it. Thus, I will write about something else entirely! (In case you are one of the few people who hasn't yet seen a donation link and feels vaguely like donating something, I found this link via the Wikipedia entry).

Now for something completely different. If you're wondering what the above link is, that's an upcoming "Animal Moe MMORPG". If you're wondering what "moe" is, lemme tell you, it is very difficult to explain the concept of moe. And lemme tell you, Fred and I find the above link very discomfiting, since the immediate upshot of that MMORPG getting released is gonna be furry cyb0r. And nobody wants that (well, except the furries, but they don't count).

Lessee what else...

Oh yeah. This coming weekend is going to be a long one, due to the Rose Bowl BCS screw job Holiday Bowl, which will shortly be followed by a trip up to Sacramento for Real Life's last hurrah in California.

Okay, I must off. I've a pitch to write, a ride to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped!


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