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    <Uhm... Hayasaka-san? Could my friend and I get your autograph?>
    <If it's not too much trouble, ma'am.>
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    <Uhm, sure. Real quick, OK? I have a lot to do this afternoon...>
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    Erika, Largo
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    If that's who I think it is, I'll tie those bunny ears around his--
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    <Goodness, it's been a long time. How have you been, dear?>


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< Piro >

"out t3h door"

Thursday - February 10, 2005

[Piro] - 09:23:00 - [link here]

Just figured I'd do a real quick update here, just because i can. :P

First off, as I think i mentioned somewhere, our shipment of Megatokyo volume 3 came in Wednesday, and as of yesterday most pre-orders have gone out. The book should also be showing up in bookstores pretty soon if not already, and i know that most comic shops have theirs already (if they ordered any, of course). I've heard that the book is readily available in the UK and some other countries. Figures, there are people in the UK who got to see the book before i did :)

If you want one, you can check out your local book store or comic shop, or you can order one from Megagear and we'll have it on its way to you the next day (well, that'd be monday, seeing that today is friday). Amazon has them, and after doing some checking, various international Amazon online stores will have them as soon as they get their inventory of them (which should be real soon).

The main thing is, it shouldn't be too hard to find a copy if you look around, you've got plenty of options - including not buying it at all :P. The eight-page Endgames comic at the end came out pretty good, i think, and you can read it fairly quickly in the bookstore or at your local library without having to buy it :)

Or, if all else fails and you still want a copy, there is still time to enter the Dark Horse Megatokyo contest to win some books and other cool stuff. The contest closes in the next next few days, so if you live in the US or Canada, be sure to enter.

We will be making a run to the post office this afternoon to ship out all the international pre-orders that we can as well, but for the most part i'll be spending today working on the comic i normally would have worked on yesterday ^^;;. We wanted to make sure we got all of these out as fast as possible, and I didn't want to make Seraphim have to to do all of them by herself, so please pardon the delay in today's comic. I still have quite a bit to do on it, but i will have it finished by sometime this afternoon.

thanks for your patience :) Maybe this afternoon i'll finish off my rant about coffee too. hmm. that's what i need. coffee.

(goes to make some)

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"To ash"

Wednesday - February 9, 2005

[Dom] - 17:00:00 - [link here]

Today's a very odd day for us Asian Catholics. It's Tet (the Lunar New Year, which every year I feel obligated to point out that people who are not Chinese also celebrate) and Ash Wednesday at the same time. So I don't know whether to be celebrating the new year or pondering my own mortality, but I know that I am supposed to be writing something. So here it is.

So I don't know what to give up for Lent. I've given up most of my bad habits by now, and the remaining habits I have left are ones that I do for a living.

Two years ago, I gave up soda drinking and caffeine in general, was cranky for a while, and came out of those 40 days feeling refreshed. I stopped feeling sleepy in the middle of the day, and felt a lot better about my sugar intake.

Last year, I gave up playing H games, and realized that my Japanese got worse while I didn't keep up with my regular reading/listening practice, so that's out too.

I guess I could give up cheese like some people suggested, but I'm lactose intolerant and avoid it anyway.

Hmm... how about this? My Lenten promise is that I'll rant in this space every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, since it's a habit I need to get into anyway? And at least 100 words, none of that "I'm filling space" crap, either.

Okay, that's done. Now I should go and call my family to wish them a Happy New Year.

And to all you MT fans out there, Chuc Mung Nam Moi!


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