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    14ms response time, 1600x1200 native rez, DVI input, 700:1 contrast ratio... t3h awesome! That's better than what I spec'd!
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    Most excellent. You now have everything you need to build t3h most ultimate box.
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    Hey, relax. These components are truly l33t, but you n33d not ph34r them. You can handle them.
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    All you have to do is put it all together. Mmm, ice cubes.
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< Piro >



Thursday - March 3, 2005

[Piro] - 16:10:00 - [link here]

-- UPDATED (see below) --

Ok, that was fun. Seems like Makoto-rin was in a mood and didn't want to play yesterday. Or today. It took a lot of nikuman and a lot of sappytrashy comics, but Ukyo, Cortana and I were able to coax Makoto-rin out of her funk and she's now happily serving up megatokyo and fredart pages again. Sheesh.

This has taken over a day and a half to get fixed, so i'm getting an awfuly late start on friday's comic. More than likely i'll have to post in the morning sometime, but at least i have a working site to post to. I was getting worried for a while. Part of it is capacity and utilization, part of it is code snafus, and part of it is my fault (im amazed by my ability to break things just by looking at them). There are two things that have come out of this tho - Makoto needs help (so does Nayuki, it seems) and i really need to finish up my stuff for the new Megatokyo site so we can replace the aging back end.

I'll get cracking on fridays comic, now that Makoto is finished with her snit, and then we're going to see what we have to do to prevent further snits from popping up in the future. Thanks for your patience, and i appologize for the downtime.


Few quick things to add this morning - just finishing up the last drawing now, i should have the finished comic up between noon and 1. Makoto seems to be happy this morning, which is a good thing.

Also i have good news for all the readers who are Verizon customers and have not been able to reach the Megatokyo site for months and months. Thanks to the determination of a Verizon customer and Megatokyo reader who would not let the issue go, the block has been removed! She says it took four trouble tickets, but eventually they found that for some reason, and they don't know why, a block was put on the port 53 back on August 24, 2004. They did a general unblock and it seems to have worked - Verizon customers can now reach the Megatokyo site.

Am i irritated that they have been blocking Megatokyo since August and can give no reason why? Yeah, i am. I'd take even a lame reason, but supposedly no one knows why this happened. It makes you wonder about the internet, it really does.

Thank you lilly, your fellow Verison users thank you :) A special thanks to the crew and thier mirror of the english comic. It has very much come in handy for this as well as wednesday's Makoto snit. :)

On a totally unrelated note, just a little thing on ICv2 this morning about Megatokyo volume 3. You'd think with the support you folks give me, i'd manage to not be late with the comic so much :P

(scurries off to finish the comic...)

< Dom >

"Follow your blockers"

Friday - March 4, 2005

[Dom] - 23:30:00 - [link here]

So it's come to this.

I've been sitting here staring at the rant entry window for a half an hour, thinking about what would be interesting to write--I was thinking of writing about willpower, and how it's strange that I can avoid eating someone else's girl scout cookies for a week, but I can't keep myself from eating some Nerds for more than 30 seconds.

But that didn't really interest me.

I thought about writing my thoughts on San Francisco, since while I'm housesitting for my cousins, I get a great view over the Noe Valley.

But really, I haven't been out much thanks to the rain and their business line making it oh-so-great to play games here. Besides, what can I say about San Francisco that you haven't heard a million times already?

So that was out too.

And thus, I am left with the last resort of a writer with writer's block--writing about writer's block.

What's funny about this particular bout of block is that the past week has been great for me as a writer, even if it hasn't involved much writing. I got a few more writing assignments to work on while I'm up here in The City, sold my first feature pitch (I'm not writing it, but at least I get a finder's fee and some experience with the feature process... woot!) and met with my old editor Wat for lunch to talk about various projects.

So I've been writing, and have reason to feel optimistic about writing. And now, staring out at a nice view of my favorite city in America, I can't think of a word to say. Isn't that funny?

I'll try and stop sucking come Monday. See you all then.


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