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  1. Panel 1:
    OK. This isn't the comic I was planning to do today. Why? Because for some reason, the ability to draw completely abandoned me this evening. It's called 'artist's block', and it sucks.
  2. Panel 2:
    After three hours of wasting perfectly good paper, I gave up. I started thinking... Perhaps I've always had 'artist's block' and was just too stupid to realize it. Maybe I didn't lose the ability to draw, just my delusion that I could draw in the first place.
  3. Panel 3:
    In fact, just about everything in this stupid sketchbook is unworthy. It would be better to add a little warmth to this cold world by burning it all...
    Oh, the drama...
  4. Panel 4:
    Y'know, this 'tortured artist' routine is getting old. Now stop being a dumbass and give me back my lighter before you hurt yourself.
    Uhm, sorry. My bad.


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Aoitsuki of TLS 3

"shiawase desu"

Thursday - January 18, 2001

[Largo] - 05:01:00 - [link here]

As most of you are aware, I think too goddamn much. I don't remember who's dumbass idea it was to require a rant three times a week in *addition* to the three-a-week comic... funny how you just start doing things and after a while it's like it's always been part of your life.

I just can't bring myself to believe that it's been almost six months since Megatokyo accidentally started. It was an accident. It wasn't really a very serious project. I had plans to continue blowing largo off for a year or two. I look back to august and wonder... what the hell happened?

I won't bore you with the story. Most of you probably remember how it all started anyways. I should post a few sketches from 'the beginning' - I'll try to scan them over the weekend.

Sometimes these rants are easy to write. Sometimes, i just don't want to say anything profound. Life isn't always profound. As a matter of fact, it's usually pretty silly. I'm tired, and honestly, I'm going to go to bed early tonight for the first time in over a week. I need the rest. The first half of this month was bumpy, grumpy, petulant and annoying. I don't really know why, but what amazes me is how many people had the SAME feelings. Perhaps it's the weather.

I was really unhappy with the state of Megatokyo a few weeks ago. After the 'Piro meets Kimiko' arc, I seemed to loose step. I'm feeling a hell of a lot better about MT now. I was able to straighten a lot of things out in my mind, and it's nice to have the girls finally in the story (well, Kimiko at least). The story feels good now. Even the art is getting better. Yes, even I admit it. I'm feeling more confidant in my work. It's not stellar, but it is communicating ideas and feelings pretty clearly.

I got a few e-mail's requesting that I add a translation to the titles of my rants for those who don't know a stitch of Japanese - and I think that's a pretty good idea. So, for those times that I have a Japanese title, I'll give the translation.

Today's Japanese lesson: K‚¹ [shiawase] = happiness. K‚¹‚Å‚· [shiawase desu] = "this is happiness" or "I am happy" ^_^

Sorry it's so short tonight. I'm gonna chill a bit and get some sleep. And think about that True Love Story 3 doujinshi I need to do this summer ^_^

[props to largo for fixing the typos and glaring errors. I really WAS tired last night ^_^. Also, i want to add a few quick notes - piro]

I was fiddling with my winamp at work and decided it was time to change the Steven Moss "Steel This Amp" skin I've been using for the past six months (for some reason, i feel no desire to customize my work machine that much - perhaps it's because i can't stream music from here) when I could not for the life of me find that cool Kimiko Amp winamp skin that Beaner did a while back. I decided to check and see if Winamp had indeed added it to their collection - and sure enough, here it is . Kinda neat to see some MT stuff up there. I have a few other skins that people have made at home that I really should link to... and all the gift art, and... ack. ^^;;

Technical note - last weekend the Sempai box went down for several hours for some maintenance - MT has been beating the hell out of it, but it's withstood the abuse like a trooper. Kevin was also able to fix a few other things that should really improve the performance of the server. So, if MT is working better than before, mad props to Kevin for the fine bit of maintenance. ^_^

< Largo >

you're already here.


Sunday - January 21, 2001

[Largo] - 02:01:00 - [link here]

Tonight I received an elementary education about those big pointy things they call swords. Apparently they can hurt when you stick them into someone.

A friend of mine and generally all around cool guy by name of Joe Lynes showed me a website specializing in making custom swords called Tozando! In fact, you can watch as people come from the east to do battle with the amazing Tozando! Err, sorry bad joke.

Tozando's swords are really cool, they have swords that are made of a non-sharpening alloy for around $300-$900, and then they have unique custom jobs. Made to order 'real' steel swords for around $4000-$6000. The latter being the swords you'd use to cut off someone's vital limbs or at the very least they'd make kickass letter openers.

Now if I can just get myself one of those custom swords with the word 'l33t' etched into the base.

We've setup a #megatokyo IRC channel on, the servers are pretty sweet, anyways, enjoy.

Tonight's rant is being written while I listen to a creation called "Member of the 1337 Generation." - This composition along with others made by the same dude can be found here.

The Mail Bag

On the comic front, I seem to have been spotted living a Life on Forbez.

Kim Justice, the composer of the sweet MegaTokyo music, wrote in to tell us that due to all the people who downloaded that track, it went up to #1 on's game soundtracks list for awhile.

Speaking of being #1, did I mention how much I love Europe? It's great, it rocks, really, and I'm not just saying this due to all those colorful emails I got for saying Europeans can't read.

That reminds me, a small pet peeve I have, recently a certain person who I will not name emailed me, and their message was a single line - which is fine, however their signature footer was longer then one of Piro's angst ridden rants. Please people, when your sig is ten times longer then your message, it may be time to shorten your sig.

So much for my public service announcement. Now is the part where that annoying star is supposed to fly above my head.

In case you haven't already seen it, the infamous Something Awful made a parody game based on pokemon, only with game developers. The end result is a offensive and fun game called AwfulMon.

Ah, here's something for you otaku freaks out there, a sweet looking comic called Strange Candy. The art rocks, and may have a lot of potential in time.

Some of you may like this, it seems Race War Kingdoms is back online, yep the gods will surely revere the first man or woman to slay the Yoro La HiHi Samurai - or something.

Finally, if anyone wants a free seizure, click here


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