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  1. Panel 1:
    <Your big radio debut got screwed up because I tried to call you.>
    <W... what? No!>
    Also shown:
  2. Panel 2:
    <If I hadn't called, you wouldn't have felt sorry for me and you wouldn't have been upset for your show.>
    <Piro-san, nooo~ that's not... I didn't...>
  3. Panel 3:
    <I never should have called. I knew I'd screw things up for you. I knew it!>
  4. Panel 4:
    Y'rr bein' pahetic. Shtop it.
  5. Panel 5:
    Wha? Let... How would you--
    I c'n tell. 'N yer makin' 'er cry. Almosh make meh cry yuzz so pashetic. Y'dam lusher.
    Also shown:
  6. Panel 6:
    Fight tuh whin. Shtop figh'n like a lusher. 'Yer better'n dat.
  7. Panel 7:
    Yoyogi... Yoyogi station. Yoyogi>
    Shee'z OK.
    <Largo-san, the train is stopping, you'll-->
  8. Panel 8:
    <Ahh! Largo-san!!>


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< Piro >

yay for drink muggage

"yay for drinking gear"

Thursday - June 9, 2005

[Piro] - 18:29:00 - [link here]

Well, i can't avoid the fact that i've had a lot of problems writing and drawing this week. I think i give the impression that i have major problems with this all the time, but usually i can pull through ok - this week something's not right, and i'm not really sure what. The only good thing i can say about this week so far is that we have some new stuff for the MegaGear store, some things back in stock, so... switching to shameless promotion mode...

First thing, we finally have the D4s L33t B33r steins back in stock. Sorry it took so long. They've been out of stock for a while, but they are back :) Get em while we got em. :)

Also, we have two new mug designs for you to choose from. The first is a rather 3v1l version of our powerup mugs: the Mug of 3V1L (-10). Actually, this isn't really a powerup mug, it's kind of a... damage mug. Sure, i've had plenty of magically good over the years, but i've also had my share of 'someone left the burner on all weekend' stuff too. It's a fun design, and one of many i toyed with for new mugs.

My fave new design so far is "Kimiko's Lap Pour Blend" mug. It started with a Flying Coffeepot sketch and... well, it came out pretty cool. What's even better is the universal "caution: contents hot!" warning graphic on the back. We're offering this mug in both a desktop coffeemug version and a stainless steel travel mug version.

There's other stuff in the works, but it's a ways off - some things have long lead times, but we should have them by mid summer. As i've said many times before, buying stuff from the MegaGear store is what keeps MT online and supports me in my efforts to break the desk in front of me with my forehead as i struggle with the tangled web of story stuff that i can only blame myself for creating :)

I shall now go back to denting the desk with my forehead as i try to pull tomorrows comic together. Happy shopping, and thank you for tolerating my shameless merchandise production, as well as my incessant tardiness.

< Dom >

Boom, baby, boom

"Fiery dooms"

Monday - June 13, 2005

[Dom] - 13:43:00 - [link here]

My Garasu no Kaze album arrived today, so I'm taking a break from my console gaming kick to give it a listen. So far, about 2/3s of the tracks I like, though I'm a bit iffy on some of the remixes of her older stuff.

Anyway, as part of my console revival, I went to a party held by Cliff Hicks, AKA Dr. Devious, to celebrate his new job. Aside from the usual networked Halo 2 shenanigans, Cliff had recently succumbed to the urging of Safety Monkey and bought a copy of Burnout 3, and we sat around playing that for a while. I've played Burnout on and off for a while now (it doesn't hurt that an EA marketing exec married into the family), and playing it with a crowd of drunk 'n' rowdy white folks really reminded me of why I play the games--it's one thing to have your buddies on Teamspeak and Xbox Live, and another to pat someone on the back for an especially spectacular wipeout.

So yes, that's two games now that I've enjoyed on consoles--still waiting for Namco x Capcom to make its slow way back from Japan to my grubby little paws, and until then, I'll find other ways to occupy myself.

Okay, back to the PS2. Virgil's waiting for me to rocket his ass straight into Dante Must Die mode, and I'm not one to keep a brother waiting.


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