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  1. Panel 1:
    <Yuki-chan! Good morning!>
    <Good morning.>
    <Did your dad find that guy and return his bookbag?>
    <Not yet.>
    <It's so cool that your dad is a policeman. Were there any clues in the bag?>
  2. Panel 2:
    <Yeah! Like, his name and where he lives?>
    <No, just a sketchbook where all the drawings are signed 'Piro'.>
    <Ah! It must be a nickname. Did they check any of the online artist directories for 'Piro'?>
  3. Panel 3:
    <Online artist directories?>
    <Yeah! Most artists have websites, even if their art really stinks. Katsuhito-san calls himself 'Chill Breeze', but I think he does that so he can draw perverted pictures and pretend it's not him. I know it's him though, Yumi-chan told us that he...>
  4. Panel 4:
    dear mr. Piro-san, i found your website on i have your bookbag. please tell me how i can bring it to you. i like drawing called "sad girl in snow" very much. Yuki :-)
    ps: i wrote in your book. i hope this is ok. sorry.
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< Piro >

have you ever felt...

"hmmm, swappable"

Saturday - February 3, 2001

[Piro] - 08:30:00 - [link here]

(chuckle) i wonder what largo will say when he sees that I've given him his very own 'buy a megabear' banner. ^_^ He'll probably kill me. So, nice knowin ya. I'm a dead man.

A few things going on this weekend. We've got some special stuff in the works for this month that will also help cover me while i move to a new apartment. It's weird, but this might actually be the easiest move I've ever had to do. The way things worked out, I signed a lease on the new apartment today but I don't have to be out of this one till the end of the month.

gee. A whole month to move. That will never happen again.

A year ago, almost to the day, I was driving a 14 foot Isuzu Budget Rent-a-Truck up from Atlanta to Michigan. It was just me and the two cats - Seraphim was already up here. Oh man, that was the worst move EVER. I didn't have a car for my last few months in Atlanta (Seraphim had it up in Michigan - I was using MARTA to get to work ^^;;) so just getting boxes for the move was a trick. The movers were late, I BARELY got everything into the truck... but the worst was yet to come.

I had managed to get barely 2 hrs of sleep in the previous 2 days. I was tired, and I swear the only thing that kept me awake was talking to the cats (who listened intently) and listening to my Tenchi Muyo tapes. By 9:00 pm, it was pitch dark, and I was getting really worried about making it all the way to Michigan in one drive. I pushed on.

Then the engine did something really weird. It suddenly started revving at a high pitch, and then my max speed dropped to 35 mph. Thinking to myself that this wasn't really a good thing, I pulled off into a gas station and called Budget. I think in the end, it was the best thing that could have happened. There was no way I could continue driving that night, and I was so tired that I SHOULDN'T have been driving in the first place. Budget was good enough to put me up for the night and have the truck fixed the next morning. Other than recoiling in horror at the idea of having to unpack and repack the truck, sleep was a welcome concept.

I forget exactly where this was in Tennessee - but across from the hotel was a Japanese restaurant. I remember walking over to see about getting myself a nice huge bowl of ramen for dinner - but sadly they were closed. It was icy, and cold, and you know... it was kind of a surreal experience.

The surrealness of the situation continued into the next day. It turns out that all that was wrong with the truck was a dislodged turbo hose. They had it fixed in 10 minutes. It took 3 hours to get the 'mandatory recall' parts fixed. -_- I just remember sitting in this grungy waiting room, with both cats in a single cat carrier, talking with truck drivers. It was kinda interesting, actually. I found out a lot about how car carriers worked, and the kind of routes and problems the guys had on the road. Nothin like sharing very bad coffee with an amusing older chap who was gleefully telling me about the time he shot and killed a guy who broke into his home in Florida. Life has a tendency to put interesting things in your path.

This year, I'm moving a mere 6.2 miles. Closer to work, nicer apartment complex, smaller apartment. I expect disasters galore.

Back when i discussed my Hard Drive upgrade and the fact that was manually swapping cables to switch OS's, I received quite a few emails telling me that i was flat out of my mind. ^_^ Well, that and the fact that I should get myself some removable hard drive enclosures. I had a 'DOH!' moment when I read the first one. Of course this was a very effective solution. On Friday I finally managed to saunter on down to a local computer store and pick up two removable HD kits. I installed one in my computer, and used the case from the other so that each of the HD's would have it's own case. I penned 'EN' on the English Win98 drive and 'JP' on the Japanese Win98 drive. It works great, and things seem to be running much smoother. Thanks to everyone who emailed me that suggestion.

Oh, and the 'why don't you just load Win 2000, it will let you run Japanese programs' comments. I've tried. Several times. For some reason, my motherboard and chip combo (a Epox Mobo and a AMD K6 3 450) doesn't like win2000. Win2k won't even boot in Safe Mode with all the cards pulled!! (sigh) Very annoying. One of these days I can replace this damn thing...

Today's sketch... well, once again, I can't tell you anything about her. I need to stop giving things away over at fredart. ^_^

And as far as Stay tuned, I actually registered the domain the other day - i have some ideas for what to do with it that I think will tie in nicely with the comic.

< Largo >

you're already here.

"is this thing on?"

Saturday - February 3, 2001

[Largo] - 03:30:00 - [link here]

Sometimes you have one of those moments where you find yourself pulled in a multitude of different and conflicting directions. I've had such a moment all this week.

It began decent enough, I was able to have dinner with Scott Kurtz of Player versus Player. I had a nice rant almost finished and written on Monday night, I was flying so high and fast, it rocked. Then my pc crashed and my rant vanished. I didn't feel in the mood to write so I went to sleep and allowed Tuesday to arrive.

Tuesday started out nice enough, I was refreshed and ready to head to work and finish my rant at the office. This was a great idea! Well, until I got to work, and spent more time working then thinking. If you work in the tech industry, and do development work - you can relate when I say more time working then thinking. For a job that requires my mind be clear and focused, it doesn't help my coding when I can't even remember the difference between left and right. Ah, those are the days - I figured I'd get some caffeine in me and restart my brain, instead it blue screened. Man, that's the last time I buy my brain from Microsoft. Well that day was a waste of day, in the end I caught up on my email, and do other important tasks - like reorganize my pencil holder, and clean my keyboard of it's accumulated ick.

Wednesday was one of those days that I'll be trying to forget for a while. Nothing went right at work for me. It began with a fall down my stairs and ended with me working a fourteen-hour day. Not that I'm complaining, hell, life is full of wonderful surprises like these, unplanned events we should cherish like when your car breaks down, or your house explodes.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike my job? Yep, it sucks, for all my l33t skillz I'm still stuck doing a dead-end job for a company that flushes more money down the toilet then a crack dealer during a drug raid.

I think I had plans to link a lot of stuff tonight, but I'm just too tired to open my inbox and … nah, I'll do it. Lesse -

First up, please go vote for your favorite webcomics at the Evil Network.

I was pointed to this site, which has what he referred to as a 'whole slew' of video game remixes.

I was directed to this odd Quake mod called 'Gridiron' which is supposed to be mad fun. It's a mod that recreates football, by combining Quake with Hockey, well that is, if hockey players carried rocket launchers instead of sticks. Hrm, now I think about it, I think the Canadians already do that?

My award for the best signature line I've seen this week goes to - "is 'Lego Mania' in the DSM IV?"

Awhile back, MegaTokyo reached one of those milestones that Piro and I never thought we'd reach recently, We've began to get over a million pageviews a month. There was once a time when a million pageviews a month it was like a magical number that once reached would summon adbanner networks from all around to come to you and beg for you to display their ads. Of course, that was then, and this is now. These days all large amounts of traffic gets you is bigger server bills.

I'm am a little disappointed in the current state of the 'E' industry, which recently went thru a 'correction' - or reality check as it were. Still, I look around and see people leaving the good business models in the dirt with all the bad ones. Like rats from a sinking ship the net economy continues to suffer from both paranoia and ignorance. Funny when you consider it was ignorance that helped create the success of the adbanner networks in the first place.

Well, Ignorance give-eth and take-eth away.


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