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  1. Panel 1:
    piro: Nanasawa? Nanasawa Kimiko??
    tsubasa: Yes! Voice actress for Kotone in "Sight." She say wonderful things on Mumu-chan's Voice Voice Paradise, touch everyone's hearts. did you not listen last night??
    piro: uh, no... What did she say?
    tsubasa: wah! I upload mp3 of show and transcript! You listen!!!
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  2. Panel 2:
    tsubasa: after listen, come to channel, we all talk about her!
    piro: uh, what channel?
    tsubasa: any channel!! Be sure you look at pictures. she *very* cute, make heart stop. she type girl *you* like very much!! small breast but shapely leg--
    piro: Wah! I gotta go! back later!
    tsubasa: ok! be sure listen then msg me!!
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  3. Panel 3:
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  4. Panel 4:
    OK, that was... weird.
  5. Panel 5:
    Wow, Tsubasa's right, everyone is talking about Kimiko-san. What the hell did she say on that radio show?? Let's see if he finished uploading the--
  6. Panel 6:
    Weh? Tsubasa really found an upskirt pic?? No way...
  7. Panel 7:
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  8. Panel 8:
    You gonna just admire the filename, or are you gonna click on it so we can check out the goods?
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< Piro >

that other site...

"east or west..."

Monday - August 22, 2005

[Piro] - 09:21:00 - [link here]

Hey all, It seems that somehow we survived Otakon 2005. I'm sitting here getting ready to head back home, and i'm actually looking forward to the nine hour drive :) Hey, i like to drive, it's relaxing :P

Otakon 2005 went really well, i think. It looks like people had a really good time. Our booth really worked out well, and Seraphim did a bang up job on pulling everything together. As for me, even tho I felt like the Naze Nani panel was more like Piro's Howling Disaster than the more slick show i had hoped for... people seemed to enjoy it enough, and in the end thats what matters. If you were at Otakon 2005, and I either had a chance to see you and sign/draw stuff for you, or if you came to the panel, or if you were kind enough to purchase stuff from us - thank you, it was a lot of fun seeing everyone, and having a chance to connect with fans makes me feel like maybe i'm doing ok with Megatokyo after all. ^^;;

One of the best things about the con that i've heard is that the Artist's Alley was a huge success this year, and everyone had a really good show. I was very disappointed that i was never able to make it over to it (it's on the opposite side of the convention from where i was, and i just never could make it over - in retrospect, i should have tried to go over friday night :( Anyways, i'm glad everyone seemed to have a good show.

It's always fun to do conventions, but I am looking forward to getting home. Next comic will go up wedneday and we can start to really dive into chapter 7 :)

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"Stick figure deprival"

Sunday - August 21, 2005

[Dom] - 23:21:00 - [link here]

Why is there no SGD today? Simple.

Because two SGD in a row is simply too many. And you guys deserve better than that--but I'm not the person who can provide you with that. Fred will be back shortly, and MT will resume its (admittedly erratic) schedule then.

Plus, I spent most of today alternating between playing Exalted and making googly eyes at our GM's 2-month-old baby, who's chubby and smelly and absolutely adorable. I don't have much hate left in me after that.

So yeah. Wait 'til Wednesday.

Edit 8/22: Okay, okay. Enough people have asked for one that I'll do one. Expect it in a few hours.


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