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  1. Panel 1:
    What?? No!! I have no intention of looking at that picture!! What kind of person do you think I am??
    A slightly less than healthy young man? Now get with the clickin'.
  2. Panel 2:
    Hey, don't tell me you don't wanna get up this chick's skirt. What's wrong with takin' a peek like everyone else?
    There's plenty wrong with it!!
  3. Panel 3:
    What's with the Mr. Huffy "Oh, I'd NEVER do that!" schtick? You don't have to act innocent around me. We both know you're gonna look.
    No, I am not.
  4. Panel 4:
    Wow, you SO need a girlfriend.
    Also shown:
  5. Panel 5:
    What? How the hell do you know I don't have one??
    It's kinda obvious. It always is. What's wrong, Piro?
    Also shown:
  6. Panel 6:
    It's just... Kimiko-san... all this talk about her, finding out where she works, someone sneaking an upskirt picture of her... That's... really bad. Does she know about all of this? Should I tell her?
  7. Panel 7:
    And you're afraid that if you tell her about all of this, especially the picture, she'll wonder just what you were doing to come across them in the first place, right?
  8. Panel 8:
    Oh. I... hadn't thought about that.
    See how innocent he is?
    Feh. He can at least let ME look.


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< Piro >

that other site...

"east or west..."

Monday - August 22, 2005

[Piro] - 09:21:00 - [link here]

Hey all, It seems that somehow we survived Otakon 2005. I'm sitting here getting ready to head back home, and i'm actually looking forward to the nine hour drive :) Hey, i like to drive, it's relaxing :P

Otakon 2005 went really well, i think. It looks like people had a really good time. Our booth really worked out well, and Seraphim did a bang up job on pulling everything together. As for me, even tho I felt like the Naze Nani panel was more like Piro's Howling Disaster than the more slick show i had hoped for... people seemed to enjoy it enough, and in the end thats what matters. If you were at Otakon 2005, and I either had a chance to see you and sign/draw stuff for you, or if you came to the panel, or if you were kind enough to purchase stuff from us - thank you, it was a lot of fun seeing everyone, and having a chance to connect with fans makes me feel like maybe i'm doing ok with Megatokyo after all. ^^;;

One of the best things about the con that i've heard is that the Artist's Alley was a huge success this year, and everyone had a really good show. I was very disappointed that i was never able to make it over to it (it's on the opposite side of the convention from where i was, and i just never could make it over - in retrospect, i should have tried to go over friday night :( Anyways, i'm glad everyone seemed to have a good show.

It's always fun to do conventions, but I am looking forward to getting home. Next comic will go up wedneday and we can start to really dive into chapter 7 :)

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"Stick figure deprival"

Sunday - August 21, 2005

[Dom] - 23:21:00 - [link here]

Why is there no SGD today? Simple.

Because two SGD in a row is simply too many. And you guys deserve better than that--but I'm not the person who can provide you with that. Fred will be back shortly, and MT will resume its (admittedly erratic) schedule then.

Plus, I spent most of today alternating between playing Exalted and making googly eyes at our GM's 2-month-old baby, who's chubby and smelly and absolutely adorable. I don't have much hate left in me after that.

So yeah. Wait 'til Wednesday.

Edit 8/22: Okay, okay. Enough people have asked for one that I'll do one. Expect it in a few hours.


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