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< Piro >


"down to the wire"

Thursday - April 13, 2006

[Piro] - 14:22:00 - [link here]

First off, just a reminder that the four "Two Week DPDs" are up for auction on Ebay. Each one is a separate auction and all four auctions end on Sunday, the first one ending at 3pm and the others in half hour increments afterwards. (for example Miho ends at 3pm EDT, Erika ends at 3:30 EDT, etc - note that the times listed on the auction page are PACIFIC time (PST))

Two Weeks DPD #1 - Miho
Two Weeks DPD #2 - Erika
Two Weeks DPD #3 - Yuki
Two Weeks DPD #4 - Ping

If you are interested in any of these four drawings, please take a look. Thanks for your support! (Not that i deserve it with the way things have been going this month ^^;;;)

Next, i want to say a big thank you to Hawk and Ananth over at Applegeeks for Wednesday's guest comic. As you may know if you are reading Applegeeks, the boys are in Tokyo, so what could be more natural than Hawk wanting to take a RAZ for a spin? :)

I was a day late on my April 11th deadline, my first big deadline for having the bulk of the material done for the book. Now i have an even bigger deadline looming - to finish everything by Thursday April 19th. All the little things (like free talk, extra drawings, etc) and the task that has me the most worried - finishing the eight full pages i've added to the Circuity story - have to be DONE by then. Even if i were to put Megatokyo on hold for another week i'm not sure i would make it. I don't even like to think about where i'd be if i hadn't taken two weeks off at the beginning of the month, and i'm not happy that i'm still up against it as the final deadline looms near.

I'm going to do a comic for Friday, because i really don't want to miss any more comics, but i'm not really sure what will happen next week. A lot will depend on how smoothly things go this weekend. I'm really sorry that the book is yet again effecting my release schedule for Megatokyo - i worked really hard to try to keep it from doing this, but i guess it wasn't enough.

Oh well, i'll do my best. Thats all anyone can do. :)

The only nice thing is that after next week the book will be DONE and out of my hands and i can get back to normal. Also, this is the last book i do that will require this much work - starting with Chapter 7 i have been processing comics in book format as i make them. I just wish i had started doing that back in Chapter 5.

What will i do if i have to miss comics next week? Not sure yet. Hawk and Ananth might do yet another guest strip to help me out, and i might just crack under the pressure and have Ukyo dump the MT servers in the river. Haven't decided which yet. Thanks for your patience and for bearing with me as i get through what is turning out to be one of my most overloaded months in a while.

We are still running our specials on Boo and have all that new Merchandise in the MegaGear store, so if you haven't checked it out, please do.

< Dom >

Penguins with bats!

"Not a rebel song"

Friday - April 7, 2006

[Dom] - 18:00:00 - [link here]

By this time, I'm sure all of you have read about this story and have formed your own opinion on it--whether you shake your head in disgust and shame or if you calmly accept it. Given my stereotypically Californian political leanings, you can guess where I stand on the issue.

But this rant isn't to talk about politics--you may note that I carefully avoid the subject of politics, since the mere mention of politics on the internet is an invitation to a firestorm. No, this is not about the society of terror at all, this is about my new goal in life.

I want to be arrested as a terrorist in the silliest way possible.

Now, just to make sure you guys understood me, I don't intend any violence toward anyone. Nor am I stupid enough even to joke about setting bombs off anywhere, since that's not protected speech.

No, I want to be arrested because I'm wearing this shirt.

I'm not sure what song I should sing to make myself suspicious yet. Singing The Clash has been done, so I may sing some Dead Kennedys. You know, walk along with a shirt that says "Genocide!" and singing "Kill kill kill kill kill the poor!"

I might sing some U2, too, and just sing the parts of Sunday Bloody Sunday that sound violent, without the call to peace at the end, but U2's probably too well known. I need to learn more angry songs, I guess.

I'm not sure why I want this--I do remember that in the wake of the Columbine massacre, I took to wearing a black trench coat with a big smily face sticker (or, at other times, Chococat and other random cuteness) to keep the image from souring too much.

But my current theory is that I just like being stupid.


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