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NOTICE: This page contains spoilers. We've done our best to mask them off, but if you're already caught up on events (or you're just curious), highlight them with your mouse to make them visible. Spoilers look like this: Made you look!

Piro (ぴろ)


Quiet, shy, introverted, fluent in Japanese, Piro is a huge fan of anime, manga and dating sim games. Currently employed by MegaGamers, he lives with Largo in the apartment on the third floor. Usually self-deprecating, but can be fiercely protective of his friends. Learned most of what he knows about life from Shoujo (Girls) Manga. Known game avatars: Piroko, Pirogoeth, Pirokiko, Pirokoro.

Largo (ラルゴ)


In Japan on a Mortal Combat visa. Currently employed as an English teacher at Shiritsu Daitou High School where he is known by students as “Great Teacher Largo.” Worked briefly as a Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division Special Contract Operative. Designated as a threat to the balance of chaos in Japan by the TPCD. Energetic and boisterous, fiercely competitive, always fights with honor and is proud of his l33t skillz. He plays Largo in Endgames.

Nanasawa Kimiko (七澤希 美子)


Aspiring voice actress. Currently employed by the Meguro Anna Miller's restaurant and as a voice actress for Kotone in the much anticipated game “Sight.” Her recent appearance on Mumu-chan's VoiceVoice Paradise radio show caused a huge stir in the fanboy community. Currently lives in Takaido with Hayasaka Erika. Very caring and has strong empathy, but often feels haunted by a deep sadness and inner turmoil.

Hayasaka Erika (早坂 えりか)


Former superstar idol singer and voice actress, most famous role was Moeko in the "Girl Phase" anime. Quit her career suddenly while still at the height of popularity. Currently employed by MegaGamers, where she worked in obscurity until her location was compromised to her still thriving fan collective. Currently lives in Takaido with Nanasawa Kimiko. Stoic and reserved, she hides deep emotional scars behind a strong facade that only two people in her life have been able to penetrate.

Ping (ピングちゃん)


Prototype Sony SEVS-44936 robot girl Playstation 2 accessory for use with Emotional Doll System games. Missing from Sony R&D facilities, currently lives in the apartment on the third floor of MegaGamers in the custody of Piro. Student at Shiritsu Daitou High School. Member of Largo's class, good friends with Tohya Miho. Capable of extreme strength, especially when angered. Appearance and personality are variable and depend on current play mode.

Sonoda Yuki (園田 由紀)


Student at Shiritsu Daitou Gakuen fuzoku chuugaku (attached middle school). Recently discovered that she has “magical girl” abilities. Bold, daring and perky but often sensitive and insecure. Daughter of Inspector Sonoda Masamichi. Sonoda-san has been arrested for shoplifting on two occasions but no charges were filed in either incident. Best friends with Mami and Asako.

Tohya Miho (凍耶 美穂)


Dark, mysterious student at Shiritsu Daitou High School, yet has missed much due to unexplained illnesses. Usually ignored by the other students in Largo’s class, she is often seen at the Cave of Evil dance club. Identified by Largo as “t3h 3v1l,” “Zombie Queen” or “Undead Priestess.” To Piro she is a strange Goth girl with whom he once had a strange online “relationship.” Her true identity and purpose is an enigmatic mystery. She plays m0h in Endgames.

Seraphim (セラフィム)


Level 9 conscience operative with the Conscience Enforcement Authority (CEA) Special Counseling Division. Current primary assignment is Piro. Cares for Piro but is frequently exasperated by him. There are unconfirmed reports that Special Agent Seraphim has two sisters who are very similar in appearance to her. Passionate about her work, she has a weakness for kitties and is very sensitive to fashion faux pas.

Dom (ドッム)


Works for Sega Black Ops. Arrives in Japan after being blackmailed by Largo to send money. Current target of interest seems to be Hayasaka Erika, who he wants to bring under the ‘protection’ of Sega. Cunning, cold blooded and capable of instant violence. Fluent in Japanese. Has a soft spot for his Heckler & Koch MK23 SOCOM.

Ed (エド)


Member of Sony's Enforcement Division. Recently arrived in Japan. Believed to be hunting the missing SEVS-44936 EDS prototype with intent to destroy. Ultra-violent, takes great joy in blowing things up. Has a passion for advanced weaponry. Frequent user of the rather comprehensive Sony medical plan.

Junpei (ジュンペイ)


Ninja with the Ninja Corporation, often does work for various government agencies in Tokyo. After being defeated by Largo in Mortal Combat, Junpei seeks the ‘way of l33t’ from the l33t master. A “High Level” Ninja, Junpei follows a strict code of honor. Junpei is also an Origami master.

Asmodeus (アスモデウス)


Operative of the “other” organization and an old adversary of Seraphim's. Currently assigned to the Piro case. Narcissistic and overconfident, Asmodeus enjoys his work and finds that temptation comes naturally to him. Has a preference for shiny, sparkly shirts.

Boo (ブー)


Temporarily employed as a Conscience Operative with the Conscience Enforce- ment Authority (CEA) Special Counseling Division. Hired to assist Seraphim with her workload, current primary assignment is Largo. Previously worked in entertainment and gaming. Even though he feels he is in way over his head, Boo always does his best. Usually communicates by drawing pictures on sticky notes.

Sonoda Meimi (園田 芽美)


Yuki’s mother, married to Inspector Sonoda Masamichi, mother of two. She is a retired magical girl of great power, a fact kept secret from her son and daughter. For her own reasons, she secretly accepted a contract to neutralize Largo. Sonada-san has a penchant for very sharp knives and seems to have a habit of forgetting to pay for items while shopping.

Sonoda Masamichi (園田 雅道)


Inspector with the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division. Has a personal interest in keeping watch over Hayasaka Erika due to her past involvement with his family. Sonoda works hard to protect the safety of Tokyo and has worked to reduce unplanned cataclysms by 30% in the last year, 42% overall since taking the post 18 years ago.

Sonoda Yuuji (園田 裕二)


Son of Sonoda Masamichi and Sonoda Meimi. Suspected of having connections to numerous obsession level 5+ fan groups. Skilled at tinkering with electronics, he often practices on the wide array of small electronic devices his sister Yuki seems to mysteriously aquire on a regular basis.

Teramoto Mami (寺本 真美)


Student at Shiritsu Daitou Gakuen fuzoku chuugaku. Friend of Sonoda Yuki. Serious and a skeptic, Mami keeps an extensive and detailed diary of her and her friends’ lives. Has been concerned about Yuki since the incident with the bookbag.

Kurabayashi Asako (倉林 麻子)


Student at Shiritsu Daitou Gakuen fuzoku chuugaku. Friend of Sonoda Yuki. Cheerful and bubbly. Asako is rumored to have been involved romantically with an upperclassman. Energetic to the point of being annoying, Mami and Yuki can always count on her to be there for them no matter what.

Tsubasa (つばさ)


Piro’s friend in Japan. Rumored to have some connection to the Sony Emotional Doll System project, may have been involved in the disappearance of the “Ping” prototype. Recently left the country for America to search for his “hatsu koi” (first love). Currently somewhere in Oklahoma.

Ibara Junko (伊原 順子)


Student at at Shiritsu Daitou High School and Class President of Largo's class. Sometimes bossy, self righteous and a stickler for rules, she can also look past them and be concerned and caring. Once admitted to having a predilection for older men, is also rumored to practice enjo kosai, though this has never been proven. An only child, few of her friends know that her father is a raging alcoholic and she is all that holds her family together.

Sawatari Megumi (沢渡 めぐみ)


Currently employed by the Meguro Anna Miller's. Good friends with Nanasawa Kimiko and combative cousin to Komugiko. Sawatari is also an aspiring voice actress. Has big dreams, but is very realistic about trying to achieve them. Lives with and supports her aged grandmother. Has a secret thing for Ninjas.

Ryouya Sayuri (料屋 さゆり)


Character designer for the much anticipated game “Sight.” Closely involved in the recording sessions for the game, she has become a strong advocate of Kimiko’s take on the character “Kotone.” She has done character design work on dozens of popular ren’ai games and is a well respected name in the industry.

Matsui Takeshi (松居 猛)


Executive Producer at Lockart, currently producing the long awaited game "Sight." Brisk and always wanting to keep things moving, he is often exasperated with Kimiko’s approach to her character. In spite of his misgivings, he finds that her performances ‘get’ to him and finds himself worried about her personally. Not used to dealing with seiyuu with such... unusual and forceful personalities.

Niidera Satsuki (新寺 さつき)


Kimiko’s agent at the Ippai Voice Talent Agency, responsible for managing all her work in the industry. She has had difficulty finding parts for Kimiko, and is often frustrated with Kimiko’s impulsive nature.

Sawatari Komugiko (沢渡 小麦子)


Biology teacher at Shiritsu Daitou High School by day, bouncer at the Cave of Evil by night, this irascible foxgirl doesn't take guff from anyone. She is a loving mother to Yakugashi, devoted friend to Miho, and combative cousin to Megumi. She plays a pirate foxgirl character named "Sunay" in Endgames.

Kobayashi Yutaka (小林 温)


His unrequited crush on Yuki was common knowledge to everybody except Yuki herself until the day he cushioned her fall from overhead power lines and put him in the hospital. Since then he's been her aid and confidant, learning firsthand the hazards of being in a relationship with a magical girl.

Kobayashi Ririka (小林 りりか)


Nurse at Tsukimiya General Hospital and mother with multiple sons, Ririka is a retired Magical Girl and part of Meimi's circle of friends from the good old days. Rumor has it her patients heal unusually quickly, especially her suddenly injury-prone son, Yutaka.

Kenji (賢治)


Disc jockey and general manager at the Cave of Evil. He's a devoted friend to Miho and has many industry connections within the Tokyo music scene.

Yanagisawa (柳澤)


Owner of the MegaGamers store. Running the shop wasn't easy when Erika was his sole employee, but hiring Piro and allowing him live in the top floor apartment isn’t much of an improvement. A seasoned business owner, Yanagisawa just tries to get through each day, pick up the pieces after closing, and start it all again the next morning. Not even trying to quit smoking.

Mr. Ibara (伊原さん)

Mr. Ibara

Junko's father. Junko is frequently exasperated by his borrowing money and frittering it away in bars. A long time Nintendo employee, he has recently taken advantage of new gaming technology to fill the long vacant role of street operative for the company.

Sawatari Yakugashi (沢渡 やくがし)

Mr. Ibara

A young, diminutive foxgirl with twin tails who often will clip her own ears down. Smart and kind, but insecure and easily bullied over her foxgirl ears and tails. Loves her mom Komugiko and Aunt Megumi, but wishes they wouldn't fight so much.



Student at Shiritsu Daitou High School and friends with Junko.



Student at Shiritsu Daitou High School and friends with Junko.



Student at Shiritsu Daitou High School and friends with Junko.


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