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Over the years, Megatokyo's fans have assembled a number of interesting websites dedicated to their enjoyment of the comic. Like most literary endevors, Megatokyo has attracted attention from people with a wide variety of interests and talents. Ultimately, no single page can do justice to the vast outpouring of fan and community efforts both on the internet and in real life. We can, however, attempt to capture a snapshot of some of the things going on in the community.

If you know of MT community events or websites which are particularly interesting, please let us know by emailing

Interesting Websites

Every once in a while, fans produce websites which are kind of interesting as expressions of interest in the comic. Some of them are fun, others are actually quite useful. The following list is a collection of some of the most prominent sites we know of, though we recognize the list is far from comprehensive.

(disclaimer: Megatokyo neither owns nor operates these linked websites, and we make no particular claims as to the fitness or appropriateness of their content.)

Social Networks

In order to reach out to his readers more, Fred has joined up with a few of the social network and utility sites that are out there. Some of these accounts get more use than others.

Upcomming Appearances by the Artist

Convention appearances will eventually go here, just as soon as we're made aware of them.


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