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Ookami to Koushinryou (Wolf & Spice)


Thursday - February 28, 2008

[Piro] - 12:09:36 - [link here]

I don't really get sick that often, not really. There are plenty of times when i feel maybe worn down, or have a head cold, or generally feel under the weather, but it's rare for me to get crawl-into-bed-and-stay-there kinda sick. So rare, actually, that when it does happen it really spooks me.

Yesterday morning i admit to not feeling all that great, but not bad enough to keep me trying to get things done. After going to the warehouse, however, something seemed to be taking a turn for the worse. By the time we got home, all i wanted to do was crawl into bed and curl up in a ball, if for no other reason that to get warm. What i did not expect was being so out of it that even when i did get up later to get something to eat, i ended up right back in bed. I felt better this morning when i finally woke, but that was just because i felt somewhat coherent. I think i'm feeling more or less ok now, as long as i don't move around too much. Can't believe i haven't drawn anything since yesterday morning, this sucks.

I've been watching a series called Wolf and Spice, and i've been quite amused. Not really sure why, but there's something quirky about it that clicks with me in an interesting way. Also, the fanservicy wolfgirl's antics are not so over the top as to seem totally blatant, but it's amusing none the less (wolf girl? looks more like a fox girl to me, but maybe that's deliberate and i'll find out later in the story). She's a harvest god, and my crack pushers tell me that the story goes in some very unexpected directions, so i'm curious. It is yet another anime that is based on a series of light novels.

Japanese fantasy worlds are a curious thing, really. There are a lot of 'standard' elements to them that get revisited and reused over and over again, from series to series. Whatever it is, it appeals to me too. I think the last 'fantasy' series that i really liked was Scrapped Princess, which wasn't that long ago, was it?

Brain is too addled to really articulate these thoughts right now. it is something i've been meaning to poke at, tho...

as for now, i'm gonna get back to work on that next comic. -_-

< Dom >


Wednesday - February 27, 2008

[Dom] - 10:29:04 - [link here]

Good lord, it's the 27th already?  Am I allowed to call mulligan on the entire month of February?  It's been kind of a rough month for me, marked by a low amount of brainpower, a persistent cough that has haunted me since Germany, and a whole lot of Culdcept Saga.

 But enough complaining!  It's not in my nature, and it feels strange to do so.

Let's talk about the good things that have happened in the month of March.

First of all, my cousin is getting married, not only adding a lot of joy to our family, but tying her fiancee's paladin tank to our WoW guild (I'm kidding, Kim!  Greg will be a great addition to the family, and WoW has nothing to do with it.  I swear!).  Meanwhile, another cousin's wife is soon to add another niece to the ever-growing gaggle of girls in the clan - soon, I will have 9 nieces to 3 nephews. 

People claim this means that I will have daughters, but I know in my heart of hearts that I will spawn nothing but strapping, left-handed boys who will pitch in the major leagues and make millions of dollars for approximately two hours of work a year.

That's the only real option, because if I have daughters I'm going to have to set up a sniper nest over my porch the moment they turn 14 or so.  And I don't want to have to worry about that.

 Let's see what else.  The new iDOLM@STER comes in soon, and it goes straight into the pile behind Devil May Cry 4, Disgaea 3, and Lost Odyssey in the game pile while Culdcept Saga feeds my card game habit.

Anyway, that's my update, and now that I can check my mail again, maybe I'll rant more often!

Yeah, I know that I haven't been very good at ranting recently, but I need to find the energy - let's try and get over this cough while I can.


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