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< Piro >

The Stormtrooper in Tokyo Oppai Mousepad!

"Feel the Imperial Armor..."

Wednesday - April 1, 2009

[Piro] - 10:46:59 - [link here]

Well, our warehouse move is now complete. There were four big steps to the move, the first being to pack everything up and prepare for the move. The next was to have a technician fly in to help us move the DTG shirt printer to the new warehouse. Done. Then there was the Big Move where guys capable of moving the heavy stuff come in and move the heavy stuff and all the boxes to the new place. Done. Finally, the last thing to do is the Final Clean up, which involves getting together all the little stuff you didn't get in the big move, taking down stuff that was still on the walls, misc stuff that needed to be sorted through, sweeping and cleaning up, etc. Done.

I finished yesterday, culminating with returning the keys to the old warehouse and making my last trip to the new place. It felt good. It really did. Of course, setup in the new place is also important, but we've already done most of that, so the good news is the Megagear store is back and up and running! So go order stuff. :P

To celebrate the move to our new location we introduce two special products to our already large line of slightly disturbing gear. Partnering with we are pleased to bring you the guilty pleasures of the StormTrooper In Tokyo Oppai Mousepad, available for a very limited time. Since we were doing mousing surfaces, i felt a Shirt Guy Dom Oppai Mousepad seemed only natural.

Like i said, these will only be available for a VERY limited time, so get yours today!

[removed the links since they were an April Fools day joke and not a REAL product.... thank god. ^^;;]

< Cortana >

Katawa Shoujo (The Vitruvian Girl)

"An English Visual Novel??"

Thursday - April 30, 2009

[Cortana] - 17:57:38 - [link here]

You might wonder who I am. I'm one of the guys behind the scenes who takes care of a lot of piro's servers, and various technical issues. I finally decided that I need to take some time and spin some text about a new visual novel demo that's just been released. Katawa Shoujo (literally, 'Disability Girl'), is a visual novel that's in production by a team of amateur creators that originally started on 4chan when someone translated and uploaded some art by Raita of the circle ZETTAI SHOUJO. (Caution, Raita's site may include some mature content) This was right after New Years 2007, and it's been a work-in-progress since.

There's a number of groups that have translated Japanese visual novels into English, both with and without the permission of the authors. There are a lot fewer VN (Visual Novels) that are originally English, and in general, most of them have been lacking in either quality of production, actual content, or releases. Four Leaf Studios has done what I consider to be an excellent job, with quality writing first and foremost, as well as lovely art and most amazing, proper English grammar and even spelling!

Katawa Shoujo is the story of Hisao Nakai and his experiences at a new school, one where disabled and otherwise challenged kids go to learn in a safe environment. He meets a number of new classmates along the way, both male and female, and this is the story of his life alongside them. Hisao has recently been hospitalized for a few months after a bout of heart problems, and he has a number of problems of his own to deal with, as well as those troubles presented to any teenage boy in highschool. Since this is a visual novel, its content will certainly turn to love eventually, and it would be sure to explore what challenges there might be in dealing with a girl who is perhaps blind, deaf, or even a double amputee. Don't write this off as some grotesque ploy to show you a bunch of less than tasteful art. Katawa Shoujo handles everyone's maladies with real sincerity and realism, in order to show you that even if a girl has no legs, she's certainly not helpless.

Sadly, this release is only Act 1 of the story, a taste of its offerings to give you a tease of what is to come, and to let you see what you can look forward to in the future when it's all complete. It's an amateur offering, but with real near-professional quality in a lot of the art, and certainly in the writing. Those of you who expect a game with voices will be disappointed, however, as it will not be voiced. I think if you can overlook that, then you will enjoy a story that will keep you interested for as long as it takes for you to finish exploring it.


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