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< Piro >

The Stormtrooper in Tokyo Oppai Mousepad!

"Feel the Imperial Armor..."

Wednesday - April 1, 2009

[Piro] - 10:46:59 - [link here]

Well, our warehouse move is now complete. There were four big steps to the move, the first being to pack everything up and prepare for the move. The next was to have a technician fly in to help us move the DTG shirt printer to the new warehouse. Done. Then there was the Big Move where guys capable of moving the heavy stuff come in and move the heavy stuff and all the boxes to the new place. Done. Finally, the last thing to do is the Final Clean up, which involves getting together all the little stuff you didn't get in the big move, taking down stuff that was still on the walls, misc stuff that needed to be sorted through, sweeping and cleaning up, etc. Done.

I finished yesterday, culminating with returning the keys to the old warehouse and making my last trip to the new place. It felt good. It really did. Of course, setup in the new place is also important, but we've already done most of that, so the good news is the Megagear store is back and up and running! So go order stuff. :P

To celebrate the move to our new location we introduce two special products to our already large line of slightly disturbing gear. Partnering with we are pleased to bring you the guilty pleasures of the StormTrooper In Tokyo Oppai Mousepad, available for a very limited time. Since we were doing mousing surfaces, i felt a Shirt Guy Dom Oppai Mousepad seemed only natural.

Like i said, these will only be available for a VERY limited time, so get yours today!

[removed the links since they were an April Fools day joke and not a REAL product.... thank god. ^^;;]

< Dom >

"Close to Home"

Tuesday - May 5, 2009

[Dom] - 12:22:00 - [link here]

Originally, I was going to use this rant space to tell people that I was going to Anime Central as a guest of my good friends, Ian McConville and Matt Boyd of Three Panel Soul.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to go with them and play hype man, so the best I can do is give them as many shout-outs as I can in this rant space. The S-Words Podcast interviewed Ian and Matt over the weekend, so you can get the full experience of going to a 3PS panel without heading to Chicago! We also did a Wolverine episode, but that's a bit less relevant to the subject at hand.

For everyone who's going to ACen this weekend, make sure to drop by the MacHall Studios booth and say hi for me! I've been incredibly busy these last few weeks helping my mom overcome bouts of pneumonia and other health complications, so I haven't been able to do it much myself.

Have fun out there!


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