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< Piro >

that other site...

"Acen Info, as requested :P"

Tuesday - May 11, 2004

[Piro] - 14:05:00 - [link here]

Just a quick update today to give you some information on Anime Central this weekend. Seraphim and I moved into the new warehouse place this weekend and everything is still in boxes, but i have enough stuff out that i can get some work done now. Obviously, one of the things i've been slacking on recently is rants, and i am sorry about that:

Hey is there any way you can get off your lazy ass and update the rant so it has convention info for chicago ?? I know that it takes 15 mins out of your lazing around the house to write a rant but maybe you can some how msuter the energy it takes to write it..I know it's asking a lot but I was looking forward to maybe seeing you at the con but it's getting really f-ing old waiting for updates and info do you like pissing your fans off ?
Yikes. Well, sorry about that. The old excuse of "i've been busy" never really cuts it, does it? While i'm not particularly worried about this particular reader (since i assume that this is just the culmination of his massive frustration with me and i certainly dont want to waste anymore of his time) he is right about one thing - those of you going to Anime Central need some info about whats up, so here it is.

There will be a meet and greet thing with guests and stuff Friday night at 5:30. Not sure of the details on that, check the website out for more. There is a Webcomics panel on Saturday at 10am - I don't plan to be on the panel because i want to give the other webcomic folks a chance to talk. I intend to be there if i can, however.

The main Megatokyo panel, the "Cheap Naze Nani Megatokyo Panel 2004" will be at 1:30pm on Saturday. As crazy as things have been around here recently, our show this year should be... interesting. Being prepared is not something we here at Megatokyo are known for, so why change now? :P We have 2 hrs to play with. Should be fun (we hope)

On Sunday, i have one panel, and thats at 11am panel called "Tips on Learning to Draw" panel with Bruce Lewis and Roberd DeJesus. That should be fun. At least Bruce and Robert know how to draw :).

For the balance of the con, Seraphim and I will be at the Wizzywig booth in the Dealer hall at the Wizzywig booth signing and drawing stuff for everyone who wants one.

There! should be fun. If you are gonna be at Acen, we'll look forward to seeing you. :)

Oh, and regarding the occasional pissy flame email -- I usually don't read or pay much attention to them (the number of supportive emails far outweigh the crappy ones), but sometimes it's cathartic to answer, so forgive my indulgence in this rant :P

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"Dead on my feet"

Thursday - May 13, 2004

[Dom] - 14:00:00 - [link here]

This rant has its beginnings in the Internet center sponsored by Intel. It's two-thirty, and in a wild imprvement from yesterday, I have had a decent meal at this point of the day, consisting of a ham sandwich and a brownie, as well as a Pepsi. Thank you Safety Monkey for bringing me that. I'm sorry I stole BatJewess' affection from you. But I'm sure we'll make up for it with heavy drinking.

Saw World of Warcraft and Starcraft: Ghost this morning, and thankfully made it on time for that meeting due to an early start and an avoidance of the highways.

After that I was free to roam the show floor for a bit and used that time to see Capcom's booth and look up Devil May Cry 3, which looks pretty good so far, but just didn't zing like the first one did. I'm not sure why. I think it's because I'm jaded and didn't get to hear Dante's trademark cheesy dialogue.

After that I saw the Square Enix theater, which spun around like crazy and was kinda cool, even though the only games of the lot I'm truly interested in are Final Fantasy XII (and only a mild interest at that) and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. And, even though I hate Final Fantasy VII, I have to admit that Advent Children looks pretty good. I'll just watch it with the mute button on because I've always believed that Final Fantasy VII had the worst plot of almost any FF due to the fact that the plot just kind of stops around disc 2. I will also be willing to watch someone else play Kingdom Hearts 2 just for the sight of Mickey Mouse laying down the mightiest of mighty beatings.

After watching the hallucinogenic circle that was the Square Enix theater (it's hard to explain but involves a whole lot of spinning in Aeron chairs) I wandered over to THQ's booth, where they were showing off the Punisher game. Well, to be honest the Punisher game was sort of shoved off to the side and for very good reason. It is perhaps the most vicious and bloodthirsty game on the show floor this year, because it seems to be based on Garth Ennis' twisted vision of Big Pun. You get to put people in woodchippers, you stuff grenades down their throats and throw them in pirahna infested waters. And people wonder why E3 is an 18 and over show. (Well. Punisher and Leisure Suit Larry's sperm-based mini-game).

Alright, after THQ was Sammy, where I got to play on a Double Faust Team during my test run with Guilty Gear Isuka, and realized that GG Isuka is one of the perfect games to play while drunk. Because you don't really know who's won until the end. Not because there's a lot of comeback potential, but because people don't remember who they're playing until the very end. So I imagine a lot of late nights of a few boozed-up friends and someone mumbling "who was playing as Faust again?"

My session with Sammy will also be remembered for a PR rep using the words "crack whore" in a pitch not once, not twice, but thrice. I promised him I'd quote him, and there it is.

They also showed me The Shield, which made me think of The Punisher, and Darkwatch, which made me think of Van Helsing. And then there was Spy Fiction, which I don't think I'll end up buying because I don't like stealth games, but I will probably buy an artbook for because I like Range Murata.

After that, it was back to Square Enix for my appointment with Final Fantasy XII (which I don't really like the system for because it's not really hands-on enough. You can just hit "all attack" and walk away for a minute, and when you get back the battle will be over and you'll have won). Star Ocean: Till the End of Time pretty much looked the same as when I saw it last year, except with English instead of Japanese. Which I suppose matters to people who don't speak Japanese. That group of people only mildly includes me, so I met that one with a shrug as well.

What I didn't meet with a shrug was City of Villains, but unfortunately, besides the cool barbed-wire-and-wrought-iron setup they had on the show floor, they weren't showing anything real about CoV. They had PvP running, yes, but the rep promised that when CoV comes out early next year, they'll have entirely different power sets and costume options for the villains. But the show floor simply had heroes dressed up in dark colors with slightly more ominous names, so I won't be able to judge CoV until it's out. However, I have wrangled out a promise from Greg Dean that he will join City of Villains when it comes out and create El Chupacabra, hopefully making his logo a goat and a straw. But anyway...

After that--miracle of miracles!--I didn't have any appointments for a while. So I ran into the media hospitality room, sat down on a couch and realized that I was sitting on BatJewess, who promptly declared me her new favorite (besides BatJew, of course) and invited me to the BatWedding in Vegas because I said I wanted to wander around E3 in a Char costume. Why? Why not, I suppose. At least, unlike Fred, they will be married in the presence of an Elvis Impersonator.

After a blessed, blessed hour of sitting down and shooting the breeze with those two about how the ethnic food in the San Francisco Bay Area is better than the ethnic food in Seattle, we ran off to Koei, where I got to kill a whole lot of Japanese and Chinese soldiers. It was a very cleansing and violent experience. I want to be a ninja. Still.

As a random note, Batjew and I ran into an Evil Genius staffer on the way to Kentia Hall and asked a question that had been on our minds for a day: How the hell do you use a training ground for gentleman spies as a torture/interrogation device? His response? "I don't know, there are way too many ways to torture people in that game." I am so buying Evil Genius come September.

After that? We took a picture of a guy with a chainsaw standing behind a little boy (on a poster, remember that little boys not named Dominic Nguyen are not allowed into E3). And then I wandered off to Namco to finish off the day, where I saw Xenosaga II, Taiko no Tatsujin and Tales of Symphonia. I saw a hell of a lot more there, but I'm tired, need steak and am going to try and eat it raw. Before I go, and remember that I'm updating this rant tomorrow night as well, I would like to note that Xenosaga Episode II: (whatever is German for Beyond Good and Evil, it probably involves umlauts and a lot of phlegm) brings back the only thing I liked about Xenogears before I used those CDs to prop up an uneven chair. Yes, it has a good dose of the cheese. They have Sakura Taisen-style combine attacks in that game, which include Shion picking up a sword and carving kanji into the enemy just to match her brother, and also Momo sitting in a field of flowers and sparkling up at Shion. The cheese must flow.

He who controls the cheese controls the universe.

It is by caffeine alone that I set my thoughts in motion. It is by the juice of the bean that the lips acquire stain, the stain becomes a warning. It is by caffeine alone that I set my thoughts in motion.



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