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< Piro >

just a random image :)

"Sakuracon stuffs"

Friday - April 6, 2007

[Piro] - 19:40:00 - [link here]

Ah, one of those rare occasions where I'm actually ranting while away from home. I'm sitting here with a little time and a wifi connection, so I'm taking a few minutes to update my schedule at Sakuracon this year, as there are some things that have changed.

First off, I don't have a booth in the dealers room this year because I didn't bring any merchandise with me. I'm here really to show my support for the Sakuracon folks on their 10th anniversary. :) My plan was to do my panel and then do my signing stuff at whatever time the scheduled for it. The problem is that my scheduled autograph time is on Sunday... during which i'll actually be on a plane back to Michigan ^^;;; Oops.

Since i won't be sitting at a booth in the Dealers room, this rather limits my ability to sign stuff for people ^^;; I did manage to work things out so i'll have a little time after the Megatokyo Q&A panel Saturday to try to take care of people the best i can (see below for more details). I'm also going to try to see if there is somewhere in the dealers room where i can sit and take care of people who just happen to find me ^^;;

Here's the schedule for Saturday April 7th. Hopefully, if you are at the con, you look at your RSS feeds :)

  • 6:00pm - 7:30pm - Megatokyo Q&A panel, which will be very laid back and casual. 6th floor room 606. 1.5 hrs.
  • 7:30pm - 8:30pm - Megatokyo Autographs. Right after the MT panel. I ONLY HAVE ONE HOUR - They will be setting the room for another activity, so i have to be quick and out of there by 8:30. 6th floor, room 6E (Turbostage). 1 hr.

Also of note... I am working on a drawing for the Make a Wish foundation Charity Auction, so if you are at the show and would like to support Make a Wish, stop by the Charity Auction on Sunday Afternoon at 3:00pm on the 6th Floor, Main Stage 6ABC. I won't be there, but my drawing will be :P

For those of you not here at the convention, i hope the SGD wasn't too jarring. I'm arriving home Sunday night and I'll finish up the Seraphim Check and post that. I'd still like to do 3 MT comics next week if i can, but we'll see. We are going to be moving our warehouse to a new location in the next few weeks so as you can imagine it's going to be an interesting month :)

< Dom >

Whee, Chinese!

"The ebb and flow of interest"

Monday - March 26, 2007

[Dom] - 20:30:00 - [link here]

Back in high school, I was a huge fan of Hong Kong action movies. I didn't really have a choice in the matter, since three of my cousins spent several years indoctrinating me into the wonders of Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and some of the cheesiest crap American action cinema has ever produced (Cop, Hai, no thanks to you for Remo Williams and Gym-freaking-kata).

My impressionable mind absorbed dozens (maybe even hundreds) of kung fu movies in those years, wuxia and otherwise. But then I fell off of the wagon - when I was in college, it was hard to get my hands on any good fu flicks. I watched what I could, but the flow of movies slowed to a tiny stream, then a trickle, and finally nothing. As of about four years ago, I watched maybe one movie in Chinese a year. Anime and manga (oh, and this weird webcomic thing) rushed in to fill the void, and I mostly left my Hong Kong cinema days behind me.

Then it all came rushing back in the past week. Thanks to not-so-subtle conditioning from mikelurker, I felt compelled to watch Condor Hero when I saw it on KTSF (amusingly, it's listed in the TV guide as a documentary). After watching Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu take on the cruel master of Heartless Valley for an hour, it all came back to me. The urge to shout out attack and stance names. The dreams where I jump impossible heights and throw household objects with unerring aim and deadly force.

It's a pretty fortuitous rediscovery for me, since the last season of anime was so uninteresting that I haven't watched any anime in 2007. Wuxia neatly fills the void left by anime sucking, and until anime becomes interesting again, I have flying Chinese folks to keep me warm.

There's only one problem with my kung fu resurgence.

I have a very, very high credit limit.

This could get ugly.


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